Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - PlayStation 2 (UK):

    The world of wizardry needs a new hero.

    Magical World Setting
    What did you learn in
    school today?

    Daring RTS Battles
    Command everything from cute
    little elves to ferocious dragons!

    Breathtaking Summons
    Draw beautiful runes to
    summon new familiars!

    Extended Play Mode
    Just when you thought
    you were done, 25
    Bonus Levels await you.

    "An enchanting,
    delightful dose of wicked,
    wizardly warfare."
    - Hardcore Gamer Magazine

    "Absolutely gorgeous 2D art...
    An intoxicating hybrid of real-time...
    utterly unique and captivating."
    - TotalPlayStation

    Spellbinding and intuitive,
    real time strategy for everyone!

    Contributed by TechSmurfy (918) on Jun 13, 2012.
    Can you survive attending the most prestigious magic school in the kingdom? Set the curve and unravel the mysteries as time wreaks havoc on your surroundings. Lions and ghosts and demons, oh my!

    Contributed by Lampbane (3074) on Jan 05, 2009.