Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

After a lengthy series of animated company logos the game plays a cartoon sequence showing a couple of hard rockin' guitarists awakening the god of rock
A bit of helpful advice for those using a guitar controller
The game's title screen. After this comes the main menu
The game's main menu
Playing a training option (1). There are many options that make learning the game easy for those with no skill whatsoever. First there's some easy songs
Playing a training option (2). The player has the option of playing guitar or bass after which they select from four levels of difficulty
Playing a training option (3). The player can select from many different parts of their chosen song and can practice at any of four speeds
Playing a training option (4). The actual display looks a lot sharper than this. Notes move towards the player who must press the right button as the note slides beneath it
Playing a training option (5). After each session the game scores the player's progress and gives them the option to repeat
There are numerous game configuration options
There is a multiplayer mode which means the player's must set up their controllers
Whenever the game needs to load something it displays this screen with a different humorous message
A scene from the start of the Quickplay option, each song has a different setting
Playing an easy rendition of a song in Quickplay. The on-stage view changes but most of the time the player is too focussed on the notes to pay much attention