Haunting Ground Ad Blurbs (PlayStation 2)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Keep Case (PAL, UK):
    Fear has found a new home...

    Fiona wakes from a car crash, to face something far worse. She's being held prisoner in a gothic castle filled with horrors. Bloody experiments are taking place in secret laboratories. Demented monsters and sinister psychopaths stalk the corridors. What do they want with Fiona? To trick her? To trap her? To kill her? Can you help Fiona escape the haunting grounds?

    Run for your life.
    The only hope for survival is to tactically outsmart and evade the abominations that hunt and haunt you.

    Feel Fiona's fear.
    Revolutionary system transfers Fiona's fear to you. The more scared she is, the more her vision changes and she stumbles. Can you stay in control?

    Solve the puzzles to escape.
    Explore the castle's environments and puzzle out its secrets, use its laboratories to create new weapons against your tormentors and hunt out the multiple terrifying endings.

    Contributed by MAT (182705) on Nov 10, 2005.