Haunting Ground Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Capcom logo (with animated Fiona and Howie in the background)
Intro cinematic shows Fiona in a way that makes other game heroines rather forgettable
Main Title
Main Menu
Options screen
Fiona wakes up just to realise she's locked up in a cage in a rather dreadful room
It's not a good way to explore your surroundings with nothing but sheets on you... better try to find something more comfy
Where am I... what is this estate... who lives here, and how did I end up here?
Finally, some unlocked door
Maybe I should check this tv set... assuming it still works
Meeting the mysterious maid, Daniella... but then again, everything seems mysterious about this place
Switching to more agile clothes... almost royal-like
Hope noone will mind me exploring these castle walls a bit more
Dining room
Certain loose walls, doors, and obstacles Fiona can break open
Sketch map of the Belli Castle... may prove useful if only to see where save points are
Fiona's close encounter with Debilitas
After Fiona befriends Hewie, they'll help each other throughout this nightmare
Drinking water from any faucet will fully restore Fiona's stamina
Hewie's attacking Riccardo who is invisible to Fiona's eyes
Typing machines can be found but not to save your game but for making key plates
Fiona may want to believe otherwise but what's happening to hear is quite real
After solving the book puzzle in the library, the path to the projector room will open
Into the forest we go
Oh no, the bridge is gone, gotta find a way to raise it somehow
After finishing the game once, you'll be able to change both Fiona's and Hewie's outlook
Debilitas and Fiona finally came at peace with each other... he seems to be the only "goodguy" beside Fiona, anyway
Fiona in the kitchen
Barely escaped with your life
Fiona and Hewie on the stairs by the fireplace
Praying in a chapel
Statue puzzle
In the forest with Hewie
Fiona outside
Sometimes being quiet is of utmost importance
Leaving the estate
Animation viewer lets you see characters' various animations and outfits
Unlockable leather outfit for Fiona
Some of the artwork of Fiona
Concept art of Howie, the white German Shepherd