Written by  :  Dan Mokosh (64)
Written on  :  Nov 13, 2011
Rating  :  3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars
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Great remake of all-time classic

The Good

Original King's Bounty is one of my favourite games. I always wandered why wasn't there any remake - until now. While the game is completely the same - except enhanced graphics and your goal - it is still solid and lasting fun. Graphics are really good for a 2001 game, story is simple yet working for this kind of game, sound is good but scarce.

The Bad

Too bad they didn't add more campaigns. If you already own the original, you will get nothing more then prettier graphics. Compared to King's Bounty:The Legend and its data discs it looks really mediocre. Music starts to get repetitive too soon, and the fact that they didn't at least add few overworld objects make this game true remake. AI is almost nonexistent, as you would expect from this kind of adventure. In original game your goal was to save kingdom by finding the Staff (or was it scepter then? :)), this time the Staff is only something that helps you defeat all the villains, which is your goal.

The Bottom Line

Although the name would make you believe that this is one of the Might&Magic games, it is really a remake to its predecessor, King's Bounty. That means you don't build cities or hire heroes, you only have one hero and as large army as he can command. More then strategy this feels like adventure-strategy-RPG mix. Game is really good if not dated. 7/10 for me:)