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IGN (Nov 18, 2004)
For kids, the ultimate HotWheels experience stands on four pillars: cool cars, speed, stunts and tracks. Building the ultimate track and racing your favorite cars through bends and loops dished out plenty of fun.
63 (Jan 02, 2005)
Wie die bisherigen Spiele der Serie richtet sich auch die Stunt Track Challenge deutlich an ein jüngeres Publikum, auf die sich auch die Wertung bezieht. Wer jenseits einer bestimmten Altersgrenze ist, wird mit den kindgerechten Rasereien und Geschicklichkeitsübungen nichts anfangen können und darf den Titel getrost links liegen lassen sowie für alle zwei Jahre über besagter Altersgrenze fünf Prozent abziehen. Wer allerdings für seinen Knirps im ABC-Schützen-Alter, seinen Enkel oder seinen kleinen Bruder ein jederzeit faires und forderndes Rennspiel sucht, findet mit Stunt Track Challenge ein günstiges Geschenk. Das ist allerdings nur in Englisch mit deutschem Handbuch zu haben, was nicht gerade zielgruppengerecht ist.
TotalPlayStation (Dec 05, 2004)
It's the core gameplay, the sense of speed and the varied and dare I say impressive course designs and environments that keep STC entertaining. Most experienced gamers will unlock everything (that being a special car, wheels that don't actually improve any stats, and some decals for the cars) and finish the game well ahead of the pack in a handful of hours, but the difficulty seems nicely tweaked to allow kids to try and retry some levels until they've done the same. At $20, this is hardly an expensive way to give the kids in your life some entertainment. I would have liked to see a whole lot more depth to the trick system, but everything else is far above what's normally expected out of a value title. It's not a lengthy experience, nor is it especially complex as a racer, but for the price, it's enough to warrant a recommendation as a solid buy -- provided you have someone around that's the right age.
GameZone (Dec 06, 2004)
Hot Wheels has been a surprisingly good source for entertainment in more than one medium. Very few of us have gone through childhood without playing with at least one toy car. Even little girls play with them – Barbie drives them, and I believe she once had a tie-in with Hot Wheels. Toy cars are universally entertaining, and when it comes to miniatures, Hot Wheels are the best.
GameSpot (Nov 24, 2004)
If you've ever had the opportunity to play any of the last several Hot Wheels games to hit the market, then you've pretty much already played Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge. This latest game to fly the Hot Wheels franchise banner uses basically the same driving mechanics that the series has used for years, relying on a very basic arcade racing model with only a few slight race mode variations to change things up a bit. Like its predecessors, Stunt Track Challenge is a game that makes an attempt to appeal to younger racing fans, but when you factor in how little this game really differs from any of the last few games in the line, there's really no good reason to go out and buy it.
45 (Dec 09, 2004)
Jeu moyen, mais sans grande prétention, Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge aurait certainement pu tirer son épingle du jeu s'il avait su enrichir son gameplay. Quelques cascades supplémentaires n'auraient pas été du luxe de même qu'une gestion plus poussée du boost.