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    When the sleepy town of Ashcroft falls foul to hordes of drooling monsters, who ya gonna call? Five hunters, hundreds of monsters, one great game

    White Wolf made its name with its Vampire: The Masquerade paper and dice roleplaying game, but not every player wants to embrace the darkness and roleplay a psuedo-goth bloodsucker, and that's where Hunter: The Reckoning comes in. Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward is a third-person action game based closely on the monster mashing RPG, and casts you as one of five Hunters up to their collective jugulars in undead and other creatures of the night. Can you survive long enough to solve the mystery and save Ashcroft from the unholy?

    The five hunters in question are each imbued with their own abilities and powers to help battle the impending evil. "Deuce" Wyatt is a strong, axe-wielding biker, Sam is as nimble as she is sexy, Father Cortez is a mean, Mother-lovin' servant o' God, Kassandra is a pistol-packing babe and Joshua is a violent, unpredictable psycho. Choose one of these 'slayers' (or two if you're playing co-op) and head out onto the streets. Utilise melee weapons and firearms and call upon supernatural Edges (spells, basically) to lay the tortured souls to rest. The question is, are you tough enough to face the darkness?

    • Based on the hit roleplaying game from White Wolf

    • Choose from five hunters, each with their own individual skills

    • Pick up and wield over 25 weapons including a flamethrower, SMG and a chainsaw

    • Upgrade you character's already devastating abilities with over 15 different Edges

    • Don't face the evil alone - head onto the dangerous streets of Ashcroft with a buddy in the two-player co-op mode

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Vivendi Universal Games UK website - PlayStation 2:
    The game:
    A cult has formed in Ashcroft and it's up to the team of Hunters to destroy it.

    Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward takes place two years after the original Hunter: The Reckoning story in Ashcroft. The four original hunters return to Ashcroft after receiving a message from another hunter who has been investigating strange events that have been occurring in the small town. The hunters arrive and find that their contact has vanished, leaving no trace. Soon enough, the four hunters realise that evil has once again returned to Ashcroft, and that they are its only hope for salvation.

    Choose from five playable characters; each with unique weapons, edges and supernatural abilities.

    Introduces Hunter Headquarters, a unique system allowing players to select a different character weapons and review objectives between levels.

    A little help from your friends - support two-player co-operative games.

    28 unique and detailed levels illustrating the expansive and in-depth story line.

    Rip apart supernatural enemies piece-by-piece by dismembering heads, arms and legs in gory detail.

    Battle over 20 unique monsters using a huge arsenal of melee, ranged and spell weapons.

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Press Release:

    More non-stop action comes to the PlayStation®2 from the franchise that delivered us from evil…

    LOS ANGELES, CA (September, 9, 2003) - Vivendi Universal Games announced today that Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system has shipped to retail. This fast-paced hack n" slash game marks the introduction of the gothic fantasy world of Hunter: The Reckoning based on White Wolf"s pen and paper RPG, to the platform. With one of five playable Hunters, gamers will battle hordes of monsters with an arsenal of deadly weapons. High Voltage Software has developed several features that provide Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward a unique game-play experience from previous games from the franchise, including a Hub based portal system and two-player cooperative mode.

    "The rich content of the Hunter: The Reckoning franchise offers gamers an immersive experience into one of White Wolf"s most popular fantasy worlds," said Philip O"Neil Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Infusing intense action, strong character development and an engaging storyline, Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward draws gamers one step deeper into this dark fantasy world.

    In the game, players return to the sleepy town of Ashcroft, where two years ago a supernatural evil was destroyed by four Hunters. In the last two years the town has put the past behind them…or so they thought. The Intrepid residences of this ill-fated town are struck with a cult that has formed underground and now two years later events reminiscent of the past have begun to occur. After receiving a distress call from a mysterious new Hunter, the four original Hunters realize they must return to the town. Evil has again resurfaced and the Hunters are Ashcroft"s only hope of deliverance.

    Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward is available on PlayStation®2 for a suggested retail price of $49.99 with an ESRB "Mature" rating.

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