Get the maceContributed by Macintrash (2645) on Jun 17, 2003.

Here's a little tip on how to get the mace, it dispatches the ghouls in less swings than the first sword.

In the room with the railings on the roof, with the switch to start the water pump, that you jump on to get outside. Between the stairs where you came into the room, on the lower floor, it a wall panel that it slightly lighter in colour to the others. Push or pull the wall on either side, and it will rotate open. Pull Yorda in with you and stand on the disc on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. This will cause a box with no lid to rise from the floor in front of you. Now use the pumping block of wood to jump up and climb out the window. There is a tree nearby where you open the door. Open the door and then jump and slash at the tree until a ball drops out. Pick up the ball and go back into the room with the box. You will need to climb the stairs up next to the box and throw the ball into it. It might take a few tries, just get the right distance and you'll get it in. Once itis in, a short cutscene will play with the mace which gets thrown in through the window onto the floor near you. Pick it up and continue on your journey.

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