Written by  :  Random Fiste (9)
Written on  :  Dec 05, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

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Superb environmental puzzles with a pair of characters that you will care about.

The Good

I personally love these type of games. They are ones that do not really rely on twitch reflexes but more brain power. Puzzles are in the form of mostly environmental puzzles. That is, you manipulate the environment around you in order to progress. The graphics are top notch with volumetric lighting and fog. The castle is EXPANSIVE and completely interconnecting. Meaning, you at time cross a place where you were at earlier in the game but in another position (higher or lower or on that bridge you wondered if you could get to it). You and your female counterpart need to stay together to solve this game. You can leave her alone for a little while but the baddies will come and take her away if you neglect her thus ending the game. I like the fact that you have to have her with you in order to save the game, it adds an extra layer of complexity. As for people who have complained that the game was too short, I disagree. It converyed what the story was in a tight time frame that leaves you feeling that you completed a great game, not painfully trudged through a all nighter. The puzzles range from easy to diabolical! The sound is excellent. Ambient sounds and light music intersparsed gives a great feel for the environments. Nothing is loud or nerving.

The Bad

My only complaint for this game is that the combat system is TOO simplistic. It boils down to swinging your board, or sword over and over with one button until they baddies are dead. Nothing more to it. Granted this is a thinking persons game but would have liked a little more oomph.

The Bottom Line

Hey! You want some puzzles and a beautifully created world to explore? ICO is your best bet for that intellectual game that dazzles you with a great story and visuals.