ICO Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Ico's adventure starts here.
From here you can see most of the castle.
Trolley Ride
The Graveyard
Near the windmill
Couches act as save points
An ancient reflector
One of several outdoor courtyards.
A dramatic view from the castle parapet.
Dramatic encounter with the queen
Pulling and pushing
Hey Yorda, that bomb is about to blow!
Protecting Yorda from the shadows
Pulling Yorda out of the shadow hole
Swinging on a chain
Giving Yorda a helping hand
Yorda has the power to open certain passages
A bit of dramatic climbing
Gotta protect her a bit more
A long bridge
Yorda can make certain blocks appear out of thin air
The reflector is working
A multi-level area
It seems to be an underground cave or a huge basement
There's no other way to that side of the gap
The boy and the girl speak different tongues
A dangerous route
Weather effects
On a desert shore
Once you beat the game some new options are unlocked
Behold a secret light saber :)