Intellivision Lives! Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen
Welcome to Hal's Pizza Parlour. All the games are grouped onto separate machines. The controls are left/right to view the machines and forward to get a closer look
This jukebox is where they have hidden the game configuration options
The game configuration options are hidden inside the jukebox.
This machine contains the Unreleased Games
Once a machine is selected a menu like this appears. One & two player games are indicated by the yellow dot people
Every game has a set of menu options like this. The greyed out line is unlocked when the player beats the game. Such locked content is not available for all games
Production Notes are unusually interesting and always seen to be confined to a single screen. They do not all have a photograph
There are different ways to play the game, Downside-Up, Gridshock, Ping Pong, and Reversee,
Before any game is played the player is shown the controls
Here we are playing Astrosmash!
For some games the player must respond to questions. Then it is necessary to use the SELECT button to bring up the Intellivision Controller
This is Space Armada
Three different machines in Hal's Pizza Parlour. The power socket on the wall is a nice touch. The machine that the player will view by moving forward always sparkles like this
The game Sharp Shot is played in four different ways. Another time when the Intellivision controller is used
Playing Maze Shot in the Sharp Shooter game using the Gridshock screen. Utterly useless because you cannot see what's going on but it's different
Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing has lots of user prompts and it is a pain having to remove the controller to read the text then bring it back to respond to the prompt
One of the selling points of the Intellivision was that its graphics were better than the Atari. Hard to believe nowadays but true.
After every game the PS2 autosaves
Tucked away in a corner is a photo of Intellivision programmers. Selecting this shows a series of interviews and a history of the machine. The artwork comes from Intellivision games