Advertising Blurbs
    Hollywood's favourite kung fu comedian lends his slapstick chop socky to the game of the animated TV series.

    Released to tie-in with the animated series currently receiving an airing on various kiddie-friendly channels, Jackie Chan Adventures is a cel-shaded platformer with plenty of puzzles, missions and kung fu action to keep younger fans happy.

    Become nimble secret agent Jackie and take on the mighty demon Shendu in a race to retrieve 12 ancient talismans imbued with magical powers.

    Partnered with his young apprentice and niece, Jade, the hyperactive high-kicker embarks on a globe-trotting adventure in search of the artefacts, all the while trying to fend off Shendu's evil ninja henchmen. Explore, climb and fight using Jackie's well-known athletic and acrobatic abilities as your adventures take you across the world.

    Compatible with your EyeToy, Jackie Chan also features a clutch of fun minigames designed to get the whole family off the settee and playing.

    • Collect the 12 powerful talismans to unlock new abilities and moves

    • Dust off your EyeToy camera for a range of hilarious minigames

    • Explore beautiful, vibrant environments in locations across the world

    Contributed by DreinIX (9499) on Apr 03, 2008.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2 (Australia):

    Get ready for some Chan-tastic butt kicking action!

    Features all the heroes and villains from the hit series and great cartoon graphics - just like the show!

    Use Jackie's amazing kung fu and acrobatics to save the world from a demon peril

    Track down 12 sacred talismans and harness their awesome magical powers

    The most advanced Jackie Chan game ever!

    One more thing! Join Jackie IN the game - use your body to play cool EyeToy® mini-games!

    Contributed by Ben K (23938) on Mar 04, 2006.