Jackie Chan Adventures Credits

Atomic Planet Entertainment Limited

Lead DesignerJonathan Heckley
DesignSteve Murphy
Additional DesignSimon Stratford
Lead ProgrammerDuncan Chambers
ProgrammersCraig Gowland, Stuart Leonardi
Additional ProgrammersJohn May, Andrew Seed
Lead ArtistDave Drury
ArtistsMartin Greenall, Brian Howie, Arshad Khalid, Nick Patrick, Trevor Storey, Stephen Walker
Additional ArtStuart Flint, Andy Hodgetts, Graham Stewart
Music and SoundTim Haywood, Simian Productions Audio Motion Ltd
ScriptStephen Griffiths (SCEE)
Tools and Technology Lead ProgrammerMartin Fuller
Tools and Technology ProgrammersMartin Pegg, Wayne Smithson
Tools and Technology Additional ProgrammersGlen Cook, Nick Cowen, Robert Jessop, Michael Rolph, Jonathan Stoller, Jonathan Unsworth
Engine Lead ProgrammerLes Long
Engine ProgrammerPaul Margrave
ProducerNeil Holmes
Operations DirectorJason Falcus
Managing DirectorDarren Falcus
Finance DirectorMark Hargreaves
Art ManagerDavid West
QA ManagerBarry Smith
IT Coordinator / Martial Arts ConsultantTim Jennings
PA to DirectorsSara White
Special ThanksOur wives girlfriends friends and loved ones and everyone at Atomic Planet for their help and support throughout the course of this project

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Senior ProducerJohn Meegan
Assistant ProducerStephen Griffiths
Software Development ManagerKevin McSherry
External Development Co-ordinatorsJoanne Richardson, Karen Clarke
Product ManagerDaniel Taylor
PR ManagerCharlotte Panther
Software Marketing ManagerMark Hardy
European Release ManagerLauren Barry
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
Internal QA SupervisorGareth Spencer
Internal QA Lead TesterJenny Newby
Internal QA TestersRichard Grannell, David Morgan, Neil Pemberton, Jez Camps, Colin Roskell
Submissions QA ManagerDave Bennett
Submissions QA SupervisorsMiles Rotherham, Clare Crawley, Russell Power, Dave McMahon, Karl Warburton, Paul McCartan
DuplicationCraig Duddle, Christopher Stanley
Lead TRC AuditorPaul French
TRC AuditorsJohn Hale, Michael Kennedy, Christopher Atkinson, Keith Derby
Planning and Localisation ManagerVanessa Wood
Software Operations Co-ordinatorJennifer Rees
Localisation SupervisorDomenico Visone
Localisation Lead TesterYolanda Akil
Localisation TestersPauline Brisoux, Michael Morel, Nicolas Rosay, Mathias Donoso, Nadège Josa, Paolo Parrucci, Alessandro Piana Bianco, Matthias Pokorny, Thomas Gruenewald, Nadine Martin, Virginia Martin, Leire Corcuera, Silvia Ferrero, Katharina Tropf
Manual and Packaging TextSam Holding
Manual and Packaging DesignAndy Hope
Manual ApprovalClare Crawley, Lee Garner
Print ProductionChris Gorman
Video and Music Production - Production ManagerNicola Adams
Video and Music Production - Creative SpecialistNick Beedles
Video and Music Production - Technical SpecialistJeff Culshaw
Film and TV SpecialistPerelandra Beedles
Assistant Film and TV SpecialistMark Zajac
Voice TalentJames Sie, Sab Shimono, Stacie Chan, Kerry Shale, David Coker, Rebecca Ehrenpreis, Corey Johnson, Jonathan Kydd, Laurel Lefkow, Morwenna Banks, Kal Weber
Dialogue DirectorSue Blu
Executive Vice President - DevelopmentPhil Harrison
Vice-President of External DevelopmentMichael Denny
Special ThanksGreg Duddle (SCEE), Britta Kuhnen (SCEE), Eric Thomsen (Sony Pictures), Mark Caplan (Sony Pictures), Dawn Hershey (Blindlight), Matt Case (Blindlight), Lev Chapelsky (Blindlight), Kathy Craven (Another Tongue), Andy Emery (SideUK), Steve Parker (SideUK)

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Paul French, 146 other games
Nadine Martin, 128 other games
Phil Harrison, 126 other games
John Hale, 125 other games
Michael Kennedy, 123 other games
Vanessa Wood, 115 other games
Yolanda Akil, 107 other games
Geoff Rens, 104 other games
Katharina Tropf, 99 other games
Charlotte Panther, 95 other games
Jennifer Rees, 92 other games
Nadège Josa, 90 other games
Christopher Stanley, 80 other games
Mark Hardy, 80 other games
Gareth Spencer, 75 other games
Stephen Griffiths, 75 other games
Pauline Brisoux, 72 other games
Craig Duddle, 65 other games
Silvia Ferrero, 63 other games
Andy Emery, 59 other games
Michael Denny, 58 other games
Kerry Shale, 57 other games
Dawn Hershey, 55 other games
Clare Crawley, 53 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Ben K (23047)