Jackie Chan Adventures Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Intro story - powerful ancients seal away eight dangerous demons
What kind of idiot would try to reopen portals with demons in them anyway?!
Jackie can climb vines like this
Taking in the sights of Mexico
Jackie shimmies along the cliff face
Pushing in these statues will open the door to the temple
This travelling fisherman will save your progress for you
Complete the faces with the blocks to reveal foot panels
These foot panels can be activated by having Jackie run up the wall
Once all the foot panels are activated, Jackie can wall kick his way up here
Jackie has received the Rabbit Talisman, which lets him run at double speed
Jackie beats up Shadow Ninjas
The temple is quite dilapidated
You'll have to activate these pillars, then quickly hop to the other side before they sink
A detailed description of the Rooster Talisman
Jackie beats up one of Valmont's goons
Treasure boxes like these hold bonus items like cards or life extensions
Jackie needs to use the Rooster Talisman to double jump across here
The Rabbit Talisman needs to be used here to quickly dash across the retracting platforms
Three against one is hardly fair!
Valmont observes Jackie leaving the temple
In the Mexican town square
Jade volunteers to play the drums - hit the correct button when the drums are between the cursor
Jackie must beat this wrestler to reclaim the Ox Talisman
Jackie's day gets better and better
Running through the city - the cel shading looks really good!
Jackie can hop on a tram if he doesn't feel like walking
Road traffic is no match for Jackie Chan
In a secret underground base hidden in the city