Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Daxter gets turned into an ottsel.
Collecting scout flies from the red crates.
Collecting a power cell. You'll see a lot of this screen.
Fishing mini-game
Another power cell. At least they change the animation up a little.
The first boss is a giant plant monster.
Catching the muse.
Riding the zoomer on Misty Island.
Pelican will get what he deserves.
Sentinel Beach
Visiting the Mayor
Fire Canyon
Green Sage
Inside the Lost Precursor City
Racing against the Dark Eco
Mayor of Rock Village
Lightning Mole researcher
Starting the race in Precursor Basin
Racing through portals in Precursor Basin
Jumping around in Boggy Swamp
Riding Flut Flut
Fighting Klaww
Firing Yellow Eco at Klaww.
Mountain Pass
The Oracle, those eyes look like power cells.
Bird Brain and Hot Head
The Spider Cave
Getting an explanation of the zoomer before going through the Lava Tube.
Destroying the mechanism that shuts a door halfway through the Lava Tube.
Green Sage captured!
Heading towards the final boss.
Creating White Eco.
Just beat the giant robot.
Precursor gate that requires 100 power cells to open.