Written by  :  Kain Ceverus (34)
Written on  :  Jan 02, 2007
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Eat your heart out, Master Chief.

The Good

Killzone is an incredible FPS shooter for the Playstation 2. If you didnt know that, you dont appreciate good gaming. The graphics on this game are perfectly seamless. Never a dull moment or a break in the textures. Everything is stunning visually. Light affects and just pure beauty of the lush landscapes really sets it off. The characters are unique, each with their different perks and complete personalities. Rico hates Hahka, but is pals with Templar, which is just a simple example of the relationships. The level changes slightly depending on which character you choose to be, and offers some replay value. The enemies... Oh goodness me I love the Helghast. They're like the Combine, but alot more bad-assed. Brute strength and a lack of concious is all that's needed to be a low-level soldier, and the ability to massacre hundreds of people, even civilians is what'd getcha to an officer level. They're the epitome of the word "Bad Guy" or "Enemy". Plus, their arsenal is pretty slick and powerful too. The guns are SUPREME. Halo comes in LAST for guns. The sounds are heavy, and very realistic sounding. Alot of power with each weapon can be felt through the controller alone, even without the vibration on. Light reflections off of every single weapon gives a nice feeling, and the melee attack is different for each weapon, even giving a realistic/decent sounding crunch when it connects to the enemy. Also, each gun sounds different upon striking. The pistol would obviously sound lighter than the shotgun, for instance, or when you ram the minigun into the gut of a grunt, you can hear the wind get knocked outta his helghan ass. Way better than halo in every aspect. The storyline provided a well-fueled hate or love for the Helghan Empire. It'll shock you with ever twist and turn the story. Stunning intro as well.

The Bad

Well, very little. The comrades' banter during the levels kind of rattle my nerves, but that's by far the only shortcoming.

The Bottom Line

The game that is way better than Halo, hands down. The war is over, and master chief lost. Definate buy.