Killzone Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Shot from the introduction sequence
Title screen
Main screen
Level loading screen
First level, trench warfare
Manning the machine gun
You can use stationary weapons, such as this machine gun
While running, there's a bit of screen blurring that occurs on the outside edges of the screen
Trying (quite badly) to shoot a tank
My poor, lifeless body after my unsuccessful attempt to take down the tank
Not a good time to reload... always pay attention to your ammo in the clip
Shooting at blind in a direction of enemy assault force
Each of your teammates has unique weapons and abilities to start with
When dark, use heat vision, though only Luger has it in your squad
Before each mission you can select a character to control
Using grenade thrower against a tank is not a wise move
You can zoom in on the enemy for better targeting
You start the game as Captain Jan Templar which remains commander of your squad throughout the game
As Rico, you'll have privilege to shoot from a really powerful machine gun that uses no extra clips, but you might wanna pay attention to over-heating
Across the frozen wastes and into the heart of the enemy
Planning attack on the enemy base from the higher ground
Scolar Visari rallies his troops in the opening cinema.
Some lovely views for the ol' PS2.
Sniping requires steadily moving the crosshairs with the right stick (independent of the camera).
A look at an NPC's facial detail.
Socko! Melee attacks trigger a non-interactive sequence.
Crossing the park to get to our destination.
Rico shoots up a shuttle bay.
Using the Helghast light machine gun.
Multiplayer can be played online, or offline with bots.
"War Scenes" in the extras menu is a live, randomized tech demo.