Written by  :  Jennifer Johnson (15)
Written on  :  Apr 19, 2003
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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A Good game

The Good

The graphics were cool as was the plot. I enjoyed my weapons and i really liked when goofy and donald meet up with Sora. You can in some areas, allow for them to beat the baddies for the most part. I adored the lock on button and found it very useful.

The Bad

hmm. I have a few- I would have to agree that Sora died a bit too easy at times, causing for me to trash my sofa in a fit of anger ( who says that video games don't create violence in people?!?!? ). I also wasn't too keen on the long, long cut out scenes. While I enjoy Disney movies, I really wanted to get back to the game. But in all fairness, they were good clips. It provided for a quick break to get some grub. I also was annoyed with the camera angles but I'm usually annoyed with that with most games. Also annoyed with the save feature.

The Bottom Line

It's like watching a disney movie and interacting with it . It's a bit for kids but anyone can enjoy the game. It's a good game, buy it if you are into disney. It keeps you interested so it does what a good video game should do.