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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title (FMV)
Sora, main protagonist of the game.
Sora and Kairi from the opening FMV. Aside from intro and outro, all other movies are using ingame graphic.
Main Menu
Sora telling Kairi his dream-alike experience.
Main Title (ingame)
Each place has its own unique opening screen.
Getting to know some characters from Final Fantasy series.
Some places are so temptingly beautiful you might wish to be ingame, literally.
Unlike any movies in FF games, Sora can climb the trees as well, and shake down some coconut as well.
One of the things to surprise you at firt may be nice character movement, variety of moves in general, and interaction with objects.
You start to really appreciate graphics when looking through the eyes of your character.
Shops are still there to buy some basic accessories and weapons, but real items can only be acquired out on the field.
Locking on the target can be helpful, but also give an aid to enemy if they attack in groups.
Whacking the minions of darkness always give you back some health or mana balls.
Jumping from vein to vein is easier then falling from it, actually.
Since Aladdin's not at home, I might just as well borrow his flying carpet.
Disney's characters are not only better in 3D, but look quite gorgeous, too.
When in Rome... your characters adjust to the surroundings quite vividly.
Fighting against one of the biggest, but not meanest, bosses. Locking him for a clear hit while on top of him.
Using magic to heal yourself during the combat.
Performing one of the summonings.
Summoning Simba, the lion king. While summoned, your party cahracters will withdraw from battle for the time being.
Summoning one of the feiries will keep you and your party constantly under healing.
When Bambi is summoned, you won't have to think twice about your magic resources.
When you get the party ability to glide, you won't feel the need to walk anymore 'cos this is so much more fun.
Just sometimes, you'll get real ability to fly, and gain advantage over some enemies.
Cleaning the captain's cabin of the pest.
World Map
Only way to travel between worlds is by gummi boat.
In-game menu
In Kingdom Hearts
Battle in the woods
We've become small, just like Alice
Goofy gets a chance to smash
Gummi Garage
Cloud from FF7
Fearsome-looking boss
At some point you'll get the ability to form your party