King's Field: The Ancient City Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Magic circle used for teleportation to gate stones.
Fire Drakes hovering or a river of lava.
Fireball, it's coming right at us!
An old dwarf that was frozen before, but now is thawed. He is very melancholy about the situation.
A red demon creature wonders the ancient halls of the forest folk ruins.
The intro movie shows a mysterious enchanted forest...
...and an army of dark warriors arriving
The game starts here. You try to hit the air with your bare fists. A healing plant is ahead
Each area has such description
One of the game's not-so-numerous friendly characters, and a bit of dialogue
Hitting the series' trademark low-level plant monsters with a club. My, do they look good with those PS2 graphics!
A mysterious abandoned chapel. Eerie feeling!
A room with treasure chests guarded by slimes
An experienced characters with cool equipment
Here, doggie, doggie! Trying to slice this beast with your brand new sword
You'll find many cool items along the way
There is no auto-map in the game. You'll find some area maps, each having unique art
There aren't many objects in the game, not much detail. Its atmosphere is created with other means. Such sculptures are rather rare
Many areas are very "vertical". Behold the scope of this castle!
Fearsome warriors attack with ice spells!
One of the game's most magnificent moments - you've reached a long-coveted location! And... there is someone guarding it...
Aww, this guy is kinda cute! I wish he'd stop leaping at my face...
Poisonous waters and mutant mushrooms - another day with King's Field!
Aiming your crossbow at those funny plant creatures dwelling in the caves
Hey, you! Goblin! See this shiny new axe I've got?..
Some treasure chests are tricky to access!
I'd call this guy an oversized communist kangaroo, if only his fire-breathing abilities didn't stop me from being too disrespectful!
One of the game's special locations - the beautiful Altar of Ice
Never trust stone statues that are just standing there! They are sure to hit you with nasty fire the moment you come closer. Man! Not a moment of rest
No, there are no graphical errors! This guy has slowed me down with his spell, and this is the effect!
Casting fire magic on skeletons in a greenish cave
In this King's Field you can not only swim, but even dive and fight skeleton warriors underwater! Not quite the vacation I imagined, though...
This dude is shooting at me from behind those bars!
You can kill anyone in this game. I'm casting a powerful lightning spell on an innocent tired guard...