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LMA Manager 2003 (PlayStation 2)

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LMA Manager 2003 Credits


Studio HeadSimon Prytherch
Associate ProducerCraig Bexon
ProgrammersJohn Atkinson, Matthew Hildred, David Burke, Allan Mulholland, Andrew Shenton, Clint Masterson, Gareth Thomas, Gary Paterson, Jools Jameson, Leigh Bradburn, Mathew Gregory, Neil Owen, Parven Ahmed, Paul Connell, Philip Stewart, Steven Wright, Tahseen Tarafdar
ArtistsRachel Wood, Christian JJ McMorran, Jim Vickers, Jolyon Webb, Jon Baker, Michael Rutter, Nathan Fisher, Phil Bale, Phil Warner, Robert Strand, Steven Jackson
DesignSean Kennedy, Chris Coates, Ian MacDonald
Studio ToolsJason Callis, Richard Munn, Simon Cooper, Robert Magowan, Peter Akehurst
ResearchLinda Fletcher, Steven Prestidge, Mark Wiltshire, Richard Field, Antonia Rodriguez
AudioTim Bartlett, Daniel Gardner, Lewis Griffin, Oliver Johnson, Kevin Bruce
Core LibrariesBen Cohen, Daniel Horbury, Gordon Hayes, Mark Nixon, Matthew Waddilove, Philip Hindle, Robin Bradley, Samuel Nunn
QAEddy Di Luccio, Paul Turland, Peter Riley, Daniel Beasley, Adam Keyte, Matthew Dyer
CompatibilityGary Cody, Martin Hawkins, Ben Thaker-Fell, Neil Martin
MarketingMichael Hayes, Nicky Veal, Andy Bendall
Marketing ServicesLiz Darling, Emma Nicholls, Mark Stevens, Christopher Hines
LicensingClaire Roberts, Toby Heap, Sarah Brockhurst
LegalTom Weston, Nav Sunner

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