Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal Credits

Red Tribe

CEOChris Mosely
Executive ProducerChris Mosely
Lead DesignChris Mosely
Chief Operating OfficerSamantha Anne Robson
Director Human ResourcesSamantha Anne Robson
Senior Game DesignerJoe Velikovsky
WriterJoe Velikovsky
Game Mechanics DesignDaniel Streatfield
Lead Asset ManagerDamian Fontana
Asset ManagerJames Langford
Lead Level DesignerToshi Endo
Environment ArtistToshi Endo, Marty Howe
Senior Level DesignerMarty Howe
Level DesignerJessica Brett, Paul dal Pozzo, Morgan O'Sullivan, Antonio Petrakis, Phillip Phair, Adrian Vaughan
Environment ArtistsJessica Brett, Paul dal Pozzo, Morgan O'Sullivan, Antonio Petrakis, Phillip Phair, Adrian Vaughan
Lead Character ArtistDamian Borg
Senior Character ArtistsHarsh Borah, Lloyd Chidgzey
Character ArtistsJustin Greenaway, Gavin Kusters, Mark Pitcher
Lead AnimatorBarney Cumming
Character AnimatorDarren White, Joe Bryant, Wongu Oh
AnimatorSebastian Kussowski
Texture ArtistSebastian Kussowski
GUI DesignSebastian Kussowski
Character AnimatorsRobert Junggeburt, Robert Dowling
ArtistJoe Bryant
Level AnimatorWongu Oh
Lead Application ProgrammerTomas Lundell, Andrew Phillips ('Yassim'), Russell Smith
Engine ProgrammerTomas Lundell, Ryan Butterfield, Stuart McMahon, Lewis Baker, John Cannon
Senior Lead EngineerAndrew Phillips ('Yassim'), Ryan Butterfield
Senior Engine ProgrammerPeter Wake
Lead Character ProgrammerRussell Smith
Senior Software EngineerStuart McMahon, Lewis Baker, John Cannon
Software EngineerYossi Landesman
SoundYossi Landesman
Level Technical LeadAdam Templeton
Lead Level ScripterAdam Templeton
Lead PrototyperAdam Templeton
Prototype ProgrammerHamish Fawns, Paul Roberts
Application ProgrammerPaul Roberts, David Coen, Vico Duong, Damian Heard, Warren Carroll, David Lloyd
Level ScripterScott Zonneveldt
Senior Tools ProgrammerDavid Coen
Tools ProgrammerDavid Lloyd, Vico Duong
Senior ApplicationGeoff Battye
Sound DesignSteve Blezy
AudioSteve Blezy
Quality AssuranceLouis Meyer
QA TestersVaughan Staehr, Isaac McIntyre, Benny McIntyre, Eric Donaldson, Rose Nunn, Robert Thompson
Systems AdministratorRoss Dougherty
Systems AdministrationDaniel Orlic
Internal AccountantYuan Yuan Meng
Accounting Firm: Lundstrom Dickson & BarbantiChris Barbanti, Luke Henry
Legal Services: Logie Smith LanyonKate Callil Roberts
Executive Assistant to the COOEmily Turner, Sarah Patterson
Additional Contributions bySimon Short (Assistant Designer), Shael Zelunka (Assistant Environmental Artist), Ian Bright (Assistant Character Artist), Upinder Dhaliwal (Assistant Character Artist), Jason James (Assistant Character Artist), Furio Tedesci (Assistant Character Artist), Keith Ealanta (Assistant Programmer)
Art GuruNick London
ThanksNorby 'Sylvester' our Mascot, Michael Gordon (Lava Injection Studios), Karen Thompson, Robert Thompson, Our partners and cats - for putting up with us at crunchtime

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

ProducerNick Torchia
Game ConceptNick Torchia
DesignNick Torchia
Associate ProducerNathan Whitman
QA ManagerJohn Durishan
Additional Production SupportDouglas Rukavina
Manager, First Party OperationsWendy Bozzi
Manager, Rights and ClearancesKaren Fishman
Senior MarketingJillian Gibson
PR CoordinatorJillian Gibson
Director, MarketingStephanie Johnson
Director, PRRemi Sklar
Director, ProductionJonathan Eubanks
Senior Vice President, OperationsDebra Baker
Senior Vice PresidentSamantha Ryan
Original music compositionGame Audio Ltd
Music Director for Game AudioKeith Leary (www.gameaudio.com)
Looney Tunes Character art re-design byFrank Molieri, Jessie Silver
Looney Tunes Voice-Over TalentJoe Alaskey (Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Marvin the Martian/Sylvester the Cat), Maurice LaMarche (Foghorn Leghorn/Yosemite Sam), Bob Bergen (Porky Pig/Evil Porky), Jim Cummings (Tazmanian Devil)

Warner Bros Sound Facilities

Sound SupervisorGregory Hainer (M.P.S.E.)
Sound DesignerGregory Hainer (M.P.S.E.)
Dialogue EditorGregory Hainer (M.P.S.E.)
Re‑Recording MixerEd Carr (C.A.S.)
Foley EditorThom Brennan
Foley ArtistJohn Roesch, Alyson Dee Moore
Foley MixerMary Jo Lang
Foley RecordistScot Morgan
Senior VP Post Production ServicesKim Waugh

Babel QA Testing

Babel Project ManagerCostas Pexos
Babel QA ManagerÉric Audette
Babel Quality Assurance CoordinatorJulian Mower
Babel QA teamSanjay Singh, Adam Djourian, Jérôme Parent, Gianluca Caltabiano, Vladimira Tcherkezova, Sekoul Krastev, Frédéric Gill, Roustane Benzeguir, François Provost, Richard Woo, Licia Lowson, Edward Eidinger, Guillaume Langlois, Guillaume Fortin-Debigaré, Alex-André Benoit
Special ThanksDavid Abrams, Sam Ades, Jacques Barreau, Steve Chalk, Christopher Chen, Jean Chin, Ben Elliot, Catherine Frizat, Jace Hall, Tom Ham, Scott Johnson, Jeneba Konare, Louise McTighe, Sean Mountain, Michael Leon, Marco Lopez, Jamie O'Brien, Ricci Rukavina, Gary Sheinwald, Amanda Kate-Shuman, Michael Steuerwald, Jeri Street, Jennifer Stump, Irene Toporzysek, Lowell Vaughen, Amy Wagner, Stefan Weibel
And a Very Special Dedication toChuck Jones, Mel Blanc

Zero One Animation

CinematicsZero One Animation, Kelly Brown, Ben Bryan, Trent Denham, Shane Hall, Brad May, Shawn Miller, Vu Nguyen, Dave Oakley, Ben Tiefholz, Jordan Walsh, Drew Wood Davies

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65759)