Madden NFL 2001 (PlayStation 2)

Madden NFL 2001 Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

A pretty large playbook. The animated opening menu leads you to the many options in available in this edition of Madden Football.
Domes may be a travesty to some football fans, but even the most ardent opponent of them has to appreciate how the stadiums are rendered.
Salary? I could retire on the signing bonus alone! The create-a-player option allows you to make a pretty close rendition of yourself in the game.
Alone in the pocket. Some of the camera views provide very tv-like displays, including the yellow lines representing the first down line.
Take down. A pair of Packers ensure than the Bear receiver doesn't get far.
Not the football they're used to. Madden 2000 includes a few international teams, like this team from Spain.
Home turf adavantage. Commonplace among football games, Madden features various weather effects, as well as differences between grass and astroturf.
On a roll. Trivial in game stats appears during the game, both duplicating TV coverage and making it fun to achieve personal goals.
In the spotlight. There are a good number of diverse post-touchdown victory dances.
We're number one! The player models move very fluidly and realistically, and even include faces capable of emotions.
Ready for my close-up. The replay feature allows you to watch in detail the events of the play, from multiple angles and even in extreme close-up.
Smooth interface. The play selection screen is fairly straightforward, and provides a quick player with some animation to watch while his or her opponent makes a decision.
Watch out for the Gatorade. Even the coaches are well-rendered in the game.
Incoming! A Washington quarterback anxiously looks for a receiver as two Titans come barreling down on him.