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Madden NFL 2003 (PlayStation 2)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Madden NFL 2003 Credits


Lead Software EngineerBrian Hixon, Daniel Martin, Scott Rich
Software EngineerDeon DuPlessis, Stephen Eckman, Gordon Fong, Lance Jackson, Toan Pham, Ben Quintero, Greg Schaefer, Ian Schmidt, Aaron Walker, Meir Wasserman
Development ManagerRichard Campbell
Development DirectorGraeme Bayless


Associate Character AnimatorMartin Miguel Aristegui Jr., Jeff Poole, Marvin Rojas
Senior Modeler, CharactersDon Barnes
Assistant Modeler, EnvironmentsMarcus Cenci, Avi Renick
Associate Texture ArtistJeffery McFarland
Assistant Interface DesignerMiguel Molinari
Texture ArtistTed Sedberry, Joe Vance
Assistant Modeler, CharactersGianvito Serra
Interface DesignerTim Spangler
Art Production ManagerKari St. John


Assistant ProducerJason Barnes, Kenny Ilko, Jason Ostresh, Joe Feeney, Donny Moore, Cedric Carty
Associate ProducerPhil Frazier, Oge Young
ProducerJeremy Strauser


Director of Software DevelopmentDale Jackson
Studio Art DirectorJohn Turk
Executive ProducerStephen Theodore Chiang
Studio General ManagerJohn Schappert

Tools & Technology

Software EngineerIcer Addis, Henry Allen, Gary Dezern, Jason Hochstadt, Scott Nagy, Ryan Stradling, Michael Weilbacher
Technical ArtistSteven Waller
CG SupervisorJim Spoto
Technical DirectorRichard J. Wifall
Director of Tools & TechnologyDave Swanson
Studio CTORobert Moore

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Credits for this game were contributed by In Side (26) and Corn Popper (69643)