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Madden NFL 2005 (PlayStation 2)

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Overall MobyScore (3 votes) 3.9

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UGO (UnderGroundOnline)
This is a great year to be a football video game fan. We are treated to two fine football games, but I would have to give the edge to Madden this year. Madden 2005 is more fun to play, and it has a more enjoyable all-around experience. All of the defensive changes made for this year make for a very interesting game. Madden 2005 is definitely the best game in the Madden franchise, and quite possibly the best football game to date.
GamePro (US)
Each season Madden NFL holds courts as the elite of the video game football league. This year even though the competition is fewer (no NFL GameDay or NFL Fever), it?s gotten tougher (ESPN NFL 2K5); and Madden NFL 2005 muscles up to compete in fine form.
There's a battle afoot on the gridiron, as two fearsome competitors fight it out in the trenches. No, they're not trying to get precious yards for a first down or a hail mary into the end zone, they're duking it out to get your hard earned money. ESPN NFL 2K5 stepped up to the line first, releasing their game two weeks before the originally scheduled date, and with a low price that's hard for most people to resist. On the other side of the line of scrimmage is Madden NFL 2005, the latest entry in the most popular sports franchise in the history of video games. So who deserves to pocket your cash? At the end of four grueling quarters, Madden NFL 2005 walks off the field as the winner, thanks to some of the best gameplay ever seen in a football game.
Stuff Magazine
For those raised in caves, under rocks and Idaho militia compounds, here's a little Madden background: It's one of the best football sports sims ever made, now get back in your hole! The amount of detail put into this game, now in its 15th year, has been astounding for the past few years and is now creeping up on ludicrous. Last year Hot Routes was the main innovation; this time it's all about the D. The new Hit Stick function lets you go for bone-shattering tackles. For control freaks, you're two button clicks away from pinching down the defensive line, reassigning a safety to double down on your opponent's primary receiver or bringing all your DBs into bump-and-run coverage. The only things EA left out are a THG steroid upgrade and a button combo that makes your star running back throw away untold millions so he can smoke some reefer and eat Cheetos!
In conclusion, if you are a Madden-ite, no matter what I say in this review, you’ve already bought the game. For those of us that are looking for the one best football game each year, Madden isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty close, and it’s definitely the top football game for 2005.
In one year, EA Sports has done more to right the wrongs of Madden's gameplay past than in any time in the illustrious series' history. Play Madden NFL 2005 once, and you might notice the big hits and how aware all of the defenders are on the gridiron. Play it five times and you'll realize how defensive hot routes completely even out the field and that for the first time, maybe in any football game, it's not just fun, it's actually meaningful to D-up. Play the game 20 times and you really start to appreciate the brilliance behind the All-Madden engine.
Gaming Target
Facing perhaps the trickiest competition in years thanks to the brilliant ESPN NFL 2K5, John Madden Football has returned with Madden NFL 2005. While incredible praise and acclaim for Sega’s game might have put a slight damper on Madden’s hype machine, EA’s flagship franchise is here, and is better than ever, as you’d expect. But is that enough this year, when Sega has attacked not only with the most realistic game in the series yet, but also a more wallet-friendly price tag? In all honesty, yes – if you’re a Madden fan.
Wham! gaming
While there are lots of competitors, there quite simply just isn't another football game that stands up to the standard Madden sets. If you love the NFL, you'll love Madden 2005.
It is hard to believe that the Madden Franchise is already fifteen years old, and that every year EA Sports releases an update version upon the gaming world. Each year Tiburon manages to impress me with all of the new gameplay updates, graphics, and new features in their newest game. This year it is no different, Madden 2005 has tons of new features that will keep you up late at night, trying to get that “last touchdown” before sleep finally consumes you. Needless to say, you should pick up this latest iteration of Madden 2005 as soon as you can, because your PlayStation 2 will thank you for it.
Worth Playing
Year after year, companies constantly bring out sequels, some outdoing their predecessors while others are only on par, and in a few cases, the sequels are considered worse. In its fifteenth year, Madden is at it again, returning with new improvements and features. As Madden would say, "He was waiting for something to develop, and bam he got developed." The Collector's Edition of Madden 2005 can't demonstrate this quote any better.
Game Over Online
Madden. One word sums up the most dominating franchise in video game history. Forget Mario, forget Sonic and to hell with Crash. The sheer scale of Madden has obliterated every other series to become the largest phenomenon the gaming world has ever seen. Don’t believe me? Take these three facts into consideration: 1.) The recent announcement of more than 1.35 million (that’s right, million) copies of Madden NFL 2005 were sold in the first week alone.
Es ist kaum zu glauben: In der mittlerweile 15-jährigen Geschichte der Serie hat EA es von Jahr zu Jahr geschafft, sich zu steigern. Dies ist auch mit Madden NFL 2005 nicht anders: Vor allem die Schübe in der Offensiv- und besonders in der Defensiv-KI sind bemerkenswert. Nimmt man dazu noch den mit „Storyline Central“ stark aufgewerteten Franchise-Modus und die erweiterten Steuerungsmöglichkeiten –die Einsteiger allerdings überfordern- zeigt sich Madden stark wie noch nie. Einzig die Präsentation hängt immer noch hinter den Kollegen von ESPN zurück. Und auch das Fehlen eines Online-Modus werden viele schmerzlich vermissen. Doch sei es wie es ist: Wer sich nur ein bisschen für American Football interessiert, sollte sich Madden NFL 2005 unbedingt zulegen – selbst, wenn schon ein Vorgängermodell im Schrank steht. Und wer keine Berührungsängste mit dem brachialen Rasenschach hat, findet mit dem Titel einen guten Einstieg.
The Video Game Critic
The franchise mode now includes the element of player morale, but an unfortunate side effect is that they tend to whine a lot. Between weeks you can read articles from newspapers (local and national) and even listen to a radio talk show. Madden's past domination is being challenged this year by ESPN 2K5, but this venerable series can still holds its own.
Game Revolution
There’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky, a fact proven most recently by the fall of Roy Jones, Jr. The man who was once the greatest fighter in the world wound up kissing the canvas thanks to a solid punch by a hungrier opponent, revealing once and for all that being a champion takes more than past accomplishments: it takes poise under pressure and a watchful eye on the competition.
Madden NFL 2005 bietet durch die neuen Defense Finessen und den stark aufgewerteten Franchise Modus durchaus interessante Verbesserungen. Selbst Besitzer des Vorgängers sollten über die Anschaffung der Neuauflage nachdenken - alle anderen Football-Fans müssen sich das Spiel ohnehin schnappen! Der gelungene Online-Modus für PC, PS2 und XBox wird für alle angebundenen Spieler ein zusätzlicher Motivationsschub sein.
Madden NFL 2005 is simply the best NFL game on the market. This game is so good it's no wonder the opposition dropped development of their games. The real disappointment is lack of online gameplay. Still, this is as perfect as NFL has ever been as a video game.
If you're after a quick, arcade-style gaming fix, Madden 2005 probably isn't it. This may just be the most complex, sprawling sports release ever, a significant re-tool from the recent years with a welcome defensive focus. Even Madden veterans will take time to get up to speed, and there's a definite intimidation factor for new players. Ultimately, though, the rewards are there in spades. It's tough, it's smart, it's demanding: and as a truly indepth sports title, a mind-and-body combo that'll keep you going to the Superbowl and beyond, Madden's in a class of its own.
After you get used to the new defensive era of Madden, the game plays very well. It still retains that fun factor you've always known and loved. Although its franchise mode dives deeper than ESPN, the feature set doesn't suck you in and make you want to return as much as ESPN's cohesive package. If you are a multi-season junkie who wants to wring out every little drop from the coaching sponge, then Madden will be worth the extra $30. It's still a fine game of football.
Yahoo! Games
With Madden and ESPN sitting next to one another on the shelf, the $30 discrepancy might seem like a hurdle. But the defensive additions to this game propel it far ahead of the solid play and sleek presentation of the competition. Madden NFL 2005 is simply a stellar game, and one of the most compelling sporting releases to hit consoles this year.
Madden NFL 2005 marks the 15th season of this superlative football game series. The biggest change is the addition of the Hit Stick. This feature takes a little getting used to, but it's worthwhile: You use the right thumb stick to deliver big hits on defense that can cause fumbles. Defensive AI has been improved, letting you change defensive assignments on the fly; this innovation goes a long way toward preventing offensive plays caused by a mismatch between defensive and offensive players. As for offense, formation shifts and custom hot routes make good additions to already excellent controls. And to help make decisions in Franchise mode, Storyline Central gives you help from radio host Tony Bruno and local and national newspapers—and that news can directly affect your team.
Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. EA squeezes out even more nuances to make this year's Madden football better, brighter, and sincerely more interesting than we ever expected. Its new defensive tactics coupled with fluid gameplay make for a superb football experience.
Madden NFL 2005 is still Madden. That is to say, it's another superb game of football that continues Madden's long legacy as one of the best in the business. As the best-selling football franchise on the market for an umpteen number of years, Madden NFL is a name that is known by the masses as representative of some of the best football you can get on a video game console. Last year's Madden NFL 2004, in particular, is revered as one of the best installments EA has ever brought out--which ultimately makes it a tough act to follow.
PSX Extreme
Most of the problems pointed out with this year's game are just nit-picking. It's a fine effort, and the additions to the game generally improved the overall experience - but it just doesn't feel like enough. Hardcore Madden fans, the ones that play the game daily, year round, will likely be happy with the changes and not miss anything new, because the game never gets old for them. Other people, the ones that buy the game every year but get burnt out after a few months will probably find that this year's game gets old a lot sooner than last year's. For your reference, there's a special collector's edition of Madden 2005 this year, and it's got a couple of classic Madden games from the Genesis and PSone era, but it sold out the first day and I was unable to get my hands on it to review.
2005 ne marque pas un vrai renouveau pour la série ce qui n'empêche pas cette dernière de se bonifier avec le temps. Les petits ajouts opérés ça et là rendent le gameplay encore un peu plus profond. Les fans de la NFL sauront apprécier. Les néophytes, eux, pourront toujours tenter de se plonger dans cet enfer dominical, à condition d'avoir à disposition un glossaire regroupant tous les termes techniques.
Game Freaks 365
The lasting impact of Madden is that it's fun to play. The franchise mode gives players a reason to stick around for a bit without online play. Those with online for PS2 and Xbox will be happy and addicted to the disease that is competition. Madden is one game that anyone can pick up and enjoy without any real skill. That is just about the best thing about Madden's fanbase. It is so diverse that you never know who you will be playing online. I recommend that if you want the online experience and familiar control scheme, spend the extra on Madden. With deep gameplay elements however, ESPN is difficult to pass up for its $20 tag. Let's hope Madden doesn't go downhill having any competition next year in the NFL game market.
Well, this year’s edition of EA Sports’ ever-popular Madden NFL franchise is finally upon us, and it is being showered with the usual accolades: “Best Madden ever!” “One of the great football video games of all time!” “Madden continues to improve with every edition, and this year is no exception!” “The very best and most realistic football you’ll ever play without leaving your chair!” If you’re in the crowd that thinks that EA Sports can do no wrong, and Madden is the greatest thing to ever happen to sports gaming, and you generally agree with any of the fictitious quotes above, I strongly advise you to leave this review. I’m not with the Madden-rules-all crowd. Not a year goes by when I don’t think the series is overrated and needs more than updated rosters. With that statement, the Madden-rules-all crowd has been warned: This gamer is mad as all hell and not going to take it anymore.