Maken Shao: Demon Sword Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening cinematic
Main Title
Main Menu
Scientific talk
Select your name
Experiment gone wrong, intruder alert, and all of a sudden, the girl gets the privilege to merge
Slicing your way through the enemy ranks
Blocking enemy strike
Evaporating an enemy unit
It's good to lock on to the target with multiple enemies around
If you don't lock on to your target you must face it before you strike or you'll score a big miss and open yourself to enemy counter-strike
When close to the wall, your character becomes transparent which neatly resolves problem known as bad camera angle
Heavy trooper reinforcements
You cannot block against a projectile, but can easily evade it using side-stepping technique
Running through the long corridor
Save point
A secret strike mowing down five enemies at once
The first boss fight in the game is against Claw
Thanks to the extremely easy mode, boss battles will seem no more challenge than fighting the regular troops along the way
Some of the last soldiers as you close in on the closure of your first mission
Not in time to stop the chopper, but this was merely the first mission at hand
The heroine up close