Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
Main Menu
If you haven't played the original, you can check the background story from the menu screen
Selecting the game mode (more unlock after you finish the game)
General loading screen
Looks like you get up on the wrong foot right from the start
Where else would you start but in the hospital with some serious lack of... firepower
When your health is low, medical kits like the one in front of you may prove most useful
When reloading in slow-motion, Max pulls a cool stunt of spinning while reloading costing you almost no time lost
Like the original, the game does not start at the beginning of the story
Arriving at the crime scene... now let's investigate that warehouse
The game is split into three parts, each with about seven chapters
Due to abundance of conflicts, Max will have plenty of weapons to use
Mona Sax... Max's partner, friend, love, liaison, enemy, and everything that comes with the territory
Up close on the Max
Max and Mona team up to get the cleaners
Slow-motion gives you the upper edge but you still gotta be quick
Max taking out the cleaners... guess he wasn't so happy how they cleaned his office
Vlad and Max seem to be friends... but looks can be deceiving
Things can get hot in this game even without the fire of bullets
"A typical slow-motion slide and shoot" by Max Payne
Wooden stairs like these provide little to no protection against the shotgun
Max is chasing himself in one of his nightmares
Generally good thing about nightmares in this game is that bullets can't kill you
Aside from Max, there'll be couple of chapters that will let you control Mona Sax
Mona coming up to the rescue in the nick of time
Max to the Max, solving a crime of passion
Sometimes the line between dream and reality can get real blurry
The dynamic duo ready for the showtime
When you kill someone with a sniper rifle, you'll see a bullet trajectory camera up to that target