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    Capcom's mind-bendingly tricky platformer Maximo brings its sword-swinging, magic boxer short-wielding antics to PS2 for another bout of hack and slash action

    After the brain-addlingly difficult original, Maximo returns for another bite of the action-platformer cherry with enhanced gameplay, polished graphics and upgraded underwear. Yup, the pants are back, and this time, the boxers do more than merely cover your modesty. But more on Maximo's multi-talented undercrackers later, the main reason to get yourself in a lather about Capcom's follow-up is undoubtedly the opportunity to level hordes of robo-skeletal bad guys, powered (once again) by the souls of the undead, using some impressive, not to mention hugely gratifying, combat mechanics.

    Maximo's adventure begins sometime after the previous story, with the plucky hero and his sidekick 'Grim' (as in Reaper, natch) scouring the lands in search of Sophia, Max's one true love. Aww. The odd couple amble into a village that's been besieged by said robo-types - the Army of Zin - and discover that the only way to get stuff done is to dispense with these soul-powered automatons once and for all. That's where the ace fighting system comes in. Take on multiple opponents as Max using his trademark sword, and fell rampant robo-goons ten to the dozen. The more enemies you get rid of, the more opportunities you'll have to upgrade your weapon and gain new items, like the slow but pleasingly devastating combat hammer for instance. There's also the option to upgrade your shield for increased protection, and those crazy pants can be swapped out for an armour-clad version, and even treasure-seeking boxers. Handy.

    While you're eradicating those pesky evil robo-creatures, it also pays to take time out to embark on the side-quests that the villagers give you; they'll help you earn more cash for upgrades and wotnot. It may have retained the somewhat unforgiving gameplay, but Maximo is still incredibly enjoyable, and once you've got past the initial frustration factor, you'll find it difficult to tear yourself away.

    • Collect coins to upgrade your weapons, shield, and pants

    • Take on multiple side-quests to earn much needed cash

    • Pull-off impressive chain attacks and combos with the silky smooth combat system

    Contributed by DreinIX (10676) on Apr 14, 2008.

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    Driven by the souls of the dead, the Army of Zin declared war on the living.

    Only Maximo can rise against the onslaught of ruthless, clockwork warriors. Travel vast lands, save the Innocent Villagers, battle the Zin with destructive new weapons AND command the invincible power of Grim!

  • Be A True Hero And Rescue The Innocent Villagers

  • Master An Arsenal Of Devastating Combos And Attacks

  • Power Up And Transform To Unleash The Terrifying Power Of Grim

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69530) on Aug 22, 2004.