Medal of Honor: Frontline Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
Main Menu
Checking out awarded medals.
Personal info sums up as you proceed with your missions.
After finishing the game, you can replay any mission you like.
As usual, real movie clips of WWII are included instead of any pre-rendered cinematics.
Some behind-the-scene material on character movement.
Level model of D-Day mission.
Quitting the mission.
Art used for opening screen of every of the missions is really great you might wish for some cutscenes of a sort.
D-Day in full motion, you never know what'll blow up next.
You managed to exit the boat, but most of your comrades weren't so lucky.
Getting next orders from your officer in charge.
Your entire squad is pinned down, in dire need of covering fire.
Using machine gun mounted on a jeep to help your fellow soldiers.
One of your team members landed rough, and german sniper seized the opportunity.
Sniper shot in the head isn't as easy with enemy on the loose, but doable nevertheless.
Some tanks just aren't affected by hand grenades, but your demolition squad member will take care of such matters.
Onboard the german armored train.
Like in Indy style, while driving in a mine cart, you get to shoot around on occasions when not reloading.
Negotiations never even came to question.
Using shotgun is really not a good idea except for a specially close encounters.
It is very kewl and more real how far you can throw a grenade.
It's not only important who fires first, but where will the bullet land.
Most fun to hit an enemy is while he's on the run. Physics made for collision of bullet will send him fall down in a pretty kewl style.
Although hard to tell from the gunfire, the enemy sniper is just one step from you.
It's always nice to see your allies seizing position of some machine-gun nest.
Watch out for Panzer tanks, although grenade thrown from a steady hand will usually do the trick.
Crossing the bridge.
Messing up the plans for mining the bridge for the incoming allied tank division.