Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Campaign main menu
Intro cutscene. Waking up in the middle of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Your first task is to escape the ship.
Secondary objectives (like helping to close this hatch) can be completed.
It's not all guns - sometimes you've gotta break out the first extinguisher.
Shellshock vision kicks in at scripted points.
Man a turret and defend your ship
Pearl Harbor part 2 - man the guns of a PT boat.
Mission 3: Fighting through an ambush in the Philippines.
You'll need to keep an eye on your brother Donnie.
Mission 4: Midnight raid on Guadalcanal
Putting the sniper rifle to good use.
Scripted drama frequently happens.
Mission 5: Destroying "Pistol Pete" - a mighty cannon.
Rescuing some comrades from a harsh interrogation.
Mission 6: Sneaking into Singapore as a member of the OSS.
Your silent insertion into the city does not go as planned.
Mission 7: Into the jungle to find a crashed plane.
Sniping from the cliffs.
Mission 8: "A Bridge over the River Kwai" - this is not the bridge.
Oh, look. It's a war elephant.
...and we're going to ride it!
Final Mission: In search of Yamashita's gold.
Shooting through a Japanese supercarrier.