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    It's a Blue Bomber banquet!

    The Man has a past, and he's not afraid to revisit it.

    Longing for those days when our little, blue friend battled the likes of Gutsman, Elecman and Fireman? Did you spend hours as a kid playing the Mega Man games and neglecting your chores, homework and parents? Let the neglect begin all over again times 10 with the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.


    • Ten Mega Man games
    • Extensive interview with Mega Man's creator
    • Remixed music tracks inspired by the series
    • More than 30 original artwork selections
    • Footage from original television commercials and 30 minutes of anime

    Things weren't easier back in 1987 for Mega Man, just simpler. He had to worry about two things: jumping and shooting. But that's also what made the gameplay so addicting. Mega Man Anniversary Collection brings together a family reunion of boss-bashing to one Nintendo GameCube Game Disc. In the new collection you'll find the NES classics Mega Man through Mega Man 6, Mega Man 7 for the Super NES and Mega Man 8 for the PlayStation. You can also unlock two arcade games that never made it to the states: Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

    These two games aren't the only unlockable features. Good deeds in the game will unlock such bonuses as original artwork and producer interviews. Music has changed a lot in the last 15-plus years, so Capcom remixed Mega Man's music. Just because he's blue doesn't mean he can't be hip, right? The remix might not hit the top of the electronica charts, but it's got Protoman shaking his moneymaker on the dance floor.

    Some of these games, rightfully so, show their age, but that doesn't make them any easier. Mega Man games have always been some of the more challenging, and it was the first franchise to really let you pick your poison: Which boss did you want to battle first?

    Bottom Line

    Opening the Mega Man Anniversary Collection is like getting a Christmas stocking every day of the week. So much adventure in such a small package.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65883) on Aug 06, 2005.

Back Cover - GameCube (US):
    A Tribute to Mega Man

    Challenge yourself with some of the most extreme Mega Man titles ever released while unlocking a cache of bonus features in this special collection to celebrate Mega Man's 15th Anniversary.
    For the first time ever, play the original Mega Man 1 through 8 series and 2 never-before-released in the U.S. arcade games on your Nintendo GameCube!

    • 10 Mega Man games on one disc!
    • Includes extensive interview with Mega Man's creator.
    • Learn about the History of Mega Man.
    • Over 30 original artwork selections.
    • Remixed music tracks inspired by the series and more!

    Contributed by Freeman (42191) on Sep 10, 2004.