Mega Man: Anniversary Collection Credits


Managing DirectorDarren Falcus
Development DirectorJason Falcus
Finance DirectorMark Hargreaves
PA TO DirectorsSara White
Project ProducerDavid Mowbray
Project Associate ProducersDaniel Blackburn, Peter Hodbod
Programming LeadGlen Cook
Shell ProgrammingAndrew Brown, Nick Cowen (Evil Nick), Jonathan Stoller (The Stoll)
General ProgrammingMatthew Knowles, John May (Squiggy), James McKay, Jason Steel, Lance Abson, Naseer Ali
Technical Support and AssistanceDuncan Chambers, Richard Frankish, Martin Fuller, Neil Holmes, Stuart Leonardi, Leslie Long
IT SupportTim Jennings
Art ManagerDavid West
Art LeadPaul Robson (Baldrick)
ArtAndrew Glazebrook (Glazy), Kevin Haigh, Jamie Alexander Smith, Graham Stewart, Andrew Stockton
QA ManagerBarry Smith
TestersKristian Anderson, Luke Arrowsmith, Ian Elliott, Matt Falcus, Evan Sladen, Ian Walker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (12963)