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PlayStation 2 version

Opening movie
Main title featuring Raiden
Main title featuring Snake
Main Episode - Incoming choppers (soldiers coming to overtake the Big Shell).
Main Episode - Entering the Big Shell compound.
Main Episode - Giving a name to your character (typical for japanese games).
Main Episode - Although this is an action-espionage, the game's filled with long dialogues.
Main Episode - You can even put asleep seagulls (yup, this game has highly developed detail and freedom of choices level).
Main Episode - Leaning against the wall will give you very effective camera angle for sneaking.
Main Episode - When you render unconscious an enemy soldier, you can move him away from visible spot (ie. toss him into locker).
Main Episode - Alpha Team, sent in to rescue the president... soon to be gone forever.
Hide behind the covers if you don't want to be spotted and raise the alarm
When you're using a tranquilizer gun, you won't kill enemy soldiers
Main Episode - Plisken (aka Snake) is coming to face Vamp
Main Episode - Approaching the platform with a Harrier
Main Episode - Checking the struts in first person mode
Main Episode - Using silenced AK rifle to take out the drone
Main Episode - By using a sniper, you can notice the bomb remote on top the drone
Main Episode - Snake is bringing you a rocket launcher
Main Episode - Fighting the Harrier
Main Episode - Swimming with Emma on your back.
Main Episode - Emma won't make it
Main Episode - Snake and cyborg ninja
Main Episode - Lady Fortune captured Snake under pretense to take out Revolver Ocelot
Main Episode - Raiden and Snake doing some team work.
Main Episode - Raiden and Snake surrounded by special forces
Main Episode - Raiden versus Solidus, final battle
Main Episode - Your girlfriend (she'll be your save-game host).
Tanker Episode - Sneaking under the camera
Tanker Episode - From the Intro, Guards are mean this time
Tanker Episode - Russian soldiers
Tanker Episode - You can't stay there for long Snake!
Tanker Episode - Maybe there are items up here
Tanker Episode - Don't trip the lasers
Tanker Episode - Your USP has a light
Tanker Episode - He he, he is not going to find me!
Tanker Episode - Ambushed!!!
Tanker Episode - Strange uniforms!
Tanker Episode - Main title
Tanker Episode - Shootout with Olga on the tanker.
Tanker Episode - You can switch between first-person and top-down perspective at any time.
Tanker Episode - Even snake can be caught by a surprise.
Tanker Episode - But... Snake doesn't shot women, does he? ;)
Tanker Episode - Hmmm, looks like the entire crew onboard has been killed...
Yup, these soldiers surely have a good taste, as you can find nice women pictures on every corner.
Tanker Episode - Snake got caught by the probe.
After you finish the game, you play as Raiden or Snake against main bosses.
Tanker Episode - This hallway has a camera... gotta sneak by undetected
Tanker Episode - Bad time to make a call

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  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Screenshot
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  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Screenshot
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Screenshot
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Screenshot