Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Second disc title screen
The codec intro to Snake vs. Monkey
Stalking a simian with the stun gun...
We've been spotted!
Alerted monkeys taunt you and run away.
Alerted monkeys are excellent fighters and can't be taken down hand-to-hand.
Bonus port of the very first Metal Gear
Now in English!
Bonus port of Metal Gear 2, also translated to English.
Subsistence added over-the-shoulder camera for use throughout the game and even in Demo Theater
Disc 2 main menu
Duel mode
Subsistence includes a bunch of alternative camouflage items to download straight to the memory card
Santa Claus camouflage
Disc 2 includes Secret Theater - a collection of bizarre alternative videos
Here's one video from Secret Theater, in it Raiden from MGS2 travels back in time to try and become the main character of MGS3
Metal Gear 1: the translation was revised and adapted
Metal Gear 1: Battle with the titular Metal Gear, totally absent from the NES version.
Metal Gear 1: Boss Survival mode is unlocked after beating the game
Metal Gear 1: Boss Survival - first fight splash screen
Metal Gear 1: Boss Survival - fighting Shotmaker
Metal Gear 1: Boss Survival - Battle with Hind, absent from NES version
Metal Gear 1: Beat the game and get the unlimited ammo bandana
Metal Gear 2: The character portraits are changed from the original MSX release to Java version
Metal Gear 2: In the jungle
Metal Gear 2: Fighting one of many bosses, Red Blaster
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake doesn't understand Dr. Marv's language
Metal Gear 2: soldier mannequins (what for?)
Metal Gear 2: epic flight
Metal Gear 2: funny promotion of MSX computer within the game plot
Metal Gear 2: awesome Foxhound logo
Metal Gear 2: Metal Gear
Metal Gear 2: Oh Kojima
Metal Gear 2: Boss Survival
Metal Gear 2: Boss Survival - first fight splash screen