Metal Slug 3 Credits

SNK Playmore/SNK NeoGeo

Executive ProducerEikichi Kawasaki
Director of Japan/US RelationsYoshihito Koyama, Miwako Gotoh
Planning Akio (as Akio), Meeher (as Meeher), Arita, Narusawa
Lead Character Designer Akio (as Akio)
Lead Background Designer Susumu (as Susumu)
Design TeamCannon, Tomo, Kozo, Kuichin, Flying Fox, Curry
Lead ProgrammersAndy, ABA
ProgrammersTecchan‑Take, Dramania Hide, Fujisawa, Nakatsuka, Seeker
Sound DesignTakushi Hiyamuta (credited as HIYA!), Yoshihiko Wada (credited as Bero-ou), Hori_Hori, Q_Jirou, Maitaro
Special ThanksAll SNK Playmore, SNK NeoGeo, Noise Factory staff
Presented bySNK Playmore


Managing DirectorVijay Chadha
Packaging, Manual and LayoutKelly-ann Styles
Product ManagerPeter Rollinson
QA ManagerManoj Kumar
Ops, Localisation and Dev ManagerJim Philpot
Marketing DirectorGreg Baverstock
European SalesPhu Tien
UK SalesSimon Insull
Information TechnologyDanny Bailey
LogisticsJoy Sreeraman
FinanceRichard Cooke, Ismail Essack

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Credits for this game were contributed by Daedolon (5172) and リカルド・フィリペ (129025)