Midnight Club: Street Racing Credits

Angel Studios

Lead ProgrammerSantiago Becerra
Technical DirectorDavid Etherton
AI ProgrammingJoseph C. Adzima
Programmer and UbergeekAndy Styles
ProgrammerSean Skelton, Alexander Ehrath
Software EngineerMike Haynes
Tools ProgrammerJeremy Jessup
Audio ProgrammerJim Laurino
Lead ArtistScott Stoabs
Art DirectorJennifer Terry
3D ArtistEduardo Franz Tommasi, Lisa Mulvaney, Garrett Flynn
2D/3D ArtistMary Ann Fernandes
Artist 3DRyan Broley, Ron Suverkrop
Lead DesignerDarren Chisum
Game ProducerGlen Hernandez
Game Analyst/Production AssistantBrian Kent
Map DesignerMarc Fredrickson
Pedestrian and Driver Models and AnimationsDianna Davies
Sound DesignerPaul Lackey
City Level EditorBrad Hunt
Additional ProgrammingNathan Carlin, Mark Rotenberg, Gabriel Valencia
Physics ConsultantSamuel Buss
Vehicle DynamicsJeffrey J. Roorda
Additional UI ProgrammingWil Paredes
DocumentationRobert Bacon
TestersRace Lancaster, Michael Beck
Director of Product DevelopmentClinton Keith
CEO/Business DevelopmentDiego Angel
Creative DirectorMichael Limber
Special thanks to all of the people behind the scene that made this game possibleJulie Liss, Michael Mattes, Rafael Diamond, Jo Kilburn, Kristen Sinclair, David Counts, and all of the families and siginificant others that sacrificed so much in support of the development team.

Rockstar Games

Executive ProducerSam Houser
ProducerJeronimo Barrera
Associate ProducerBobby McCarthy
Technical ProducerGary J. Foreman
Dialog DirectorDan Houser
Video DirectorJamie King
Rockstar Production TeamJung Kwak, Jenefer Gross, Kevin Gill, Brian Wood, Stanton A. Sarjeant, Jennifer Kolbe, Terry Donovan, Linn PR
Technical CoordinatorBrandon Rose
QA ManagerJeff Rosa
Lead AnalystAdam Davidson
Test TeamRichard Huìe, Joe Greene, Jeremy Pope, Lance Williams, Neil McCaffrey

Voice Over Artists

Emilio SanchezJuan Hernandez
Keiko HatanoKei Arita
HimselfLarry Muller
KareemTy Jones
Lukas Howell‑JonesDominic Hawksley
Emily MortonVictoria Arbiter
Darren ThurrockDominic Hawksley
World ChampKei Arita
New York HostJessica DiCicco
London HostJuliet McEwen Foster
Mark FellowsEngineer From DB Plus

Additional Credits

Cover PhotographVincent Dente
Live Action Courtesy ofJamie King, Dustin Worles, Chris Warford
In-Game Cars modified byVeilside, Wings West, Dimma, Zender, Neuspeed, R&A Design, Top Secret, Stillen, Trial, Greddy, Jun, Racing Dynamics
Cars Provided byDustin Worles, Trung Ma, Ali Farzad, Daniel Worles
Special Thanks to[email protected], Rob Playford, Scott Garrod, Laura Gavoor, Everyone at Transmat, A. Child

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Credits for this game were contributed by James P. Wong (2450) and EboMike (3138)