Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
Main Menu
Checking up on the character profiles.
From the opening cinematic we realise our hero can hold his breath almost as long as Guybrush Threepwood.
Using dark areas to your advantage (notice the upper right icon).
In darker areas nightvision will be your ally that enemies lack of.
Most missions will require stealth and sneaking behind enemy lines.
Browsing your weapons and gadgets inventory.
With your micro cord gun you can reach almost any rope and surprise the enemy.
Ok, this guard will be sleeping for a while.
Removing the bodies from any visible spots is one of the keys to remain undetected.
When the number of guards is at minimum that can only mean one thing - lots of cameras around (note the mini-map).
Analyzing things with your camera. Activating car alarm might prove to be useful distraction, though.
With all this security in place, it's a good thing you have your ol' pal Luther to ask for advice.
This looks like a good point to try out the sniper pistol (Ethan doesn't use rifles, too big to carry around, I guess).
He's actually shooting at you. Either it doesn't look convincing, or he's quite bad at aiming.
Providing covering fire for wounded fellow agent until she reaches the chopper.
Ethan and Luther will constantly be in contact for navigational as well as moral support.
Showdown with the enemy troops.
Enemies sometimes appear suddenly, so shooting up ahead may sometimes be a good practice.
Using micro cord to hook onto the chopper and escape the prison.
Ethan is no less of a match than Bond, so pulling some dangerous stunts is just a need for some extra adrenaline.
Falling down the trajectory path seems the only way to board the madman's plane.