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Sony deserves lots of credit for MLB 08: The Show. While much of the focus has been on the PS3 version, they went the extra mile to make sure that the PS2 was little more than a castaway title. If you're a baseball fan that can't make the jump to a PS3 just yet, MLB 08: The Show is a great pickup.
Game Chronicles (Mar 18, 2008)
The only way that this game is better is if they can find a way for the vendors to bring me a $7 hot dog every few minutes, so I don’t have to stop playing to eat. I can’t make it any more obvious, but I absolutely loved this game. Thankfully, I’m finished writing my review and I can get back to playing it again!
GamesRadar (Mar 11, 2008)
In any event, MLB 08 The Show is just about as good as baseball can get on the PS2, and will no doubt keep fans happy for many months. Between the franchise, Road To The Show, and online modes, it’s packed with top-notch gameplay that rivals the best we’ve seen. Kudos to Sony for continuing to delight their fans, no matter the console or the season.
PSX Extreme (Mar 29, 2008)
MLB 08: The Show is the best offering of baseball you'll get no matter what PlayStation console you pick it up for. The PlayStation 2 version of the game still features practically everything that makes the PS3 game so great, with the exception of very minor technical differences in online and the audio, and naturally the visuals. MLB 08 for the PS2 not only looks better than its predecessor, but also boasts a host of improvements, enhancements, and a slew of never ending features. Bottom line, right now, MLB 08: The Show is about as close to baseball perfection as you're going to get.
Gamer 2.0 (Mar 11, 2008)
While MLB 08: The Show doesn’t change much from its predecessor, it’s still a great game of baseball in an era of sports games where competitions tends to hurt the products gamers are forced to deal with. Though the PS2 version didn’t require any major changes, the changes to its PS3 and PSP counterparts show that baseball fans with a PS3, PS2, or PSP have no reason at all to buy anything but Sony’s game this year. With a dearth of features and tweaks that make this experience the best out there, gamers will have plenty to do before and after the first pitch of the season.
PGNx Media (Mar 05, 2008)
Given that MLB 07 was pretty solid on PS2 and PSP (compared to not nearly as good on the PS3), MLB 08: The Show isn’t the same leap over its predecessor that the PS3 version demonstrated. However, on the PS2 and PSP, Sony San Diego was able to bring over a lot of the gameplay and AI improvements, making MLB 08 one of the best playing baseball games on either platform. The PS3 version is definitely the version of MLB 08 to pick up thanks to much better graphics, improved online matchmaking, and replay vault, but these versions hold their own and are definitely recommended if you don’t have a PS3.
Cheat Code Central (Mar 14, 2008)
Bottom-line: As far as I'm concerned, Sony has made the best baseball game ever. Last year's version seemed tough to beat, but after playing all three versions I can safely say that MLB 08: The Show rocks. Is this a must-buy game for everyone? Definitely not. However, if you're looking for an authentic simulation of the national pastime, then look no further. No other franchise can match MLB 08: The Show. It's too bad it's only made for Sony products because the attention to detail and incredibly realistic gameplay to be found in the title, combined with some great new features make this the baseball game of the year.
GameZone (Mar 20, 2008)
Overall, MLB ‘08 has solid commentating and a great online experience. While both are neither dramatically improved, they both hold constant from last year’s edition with quality.
Game Shark (Apr 11, 2008)
There are a few niggling problems and annoyances on and off the field that keep the game from being picture perfect, but by and large, MLB The Show 08 for the PS2 offers a very realistic and entertaining brand of baseball. If you can live with a few imperfections in the way computer GMs manage its teams, and with the rare statistical inaccuracy, there’s plenty of fun to be had. The Road to the Show mode is worth price of this game in itself. Baseball gamers that don’t have a PS3, and that can live with previous-generation graphics, can’t go wrong by adding it to their collection.
Da Gameboyz (Mar 25, 2008)
MLB 08: The Show for the PS2 is arguably the best baseball game I have played in quite some time. The graphics are very good considering the ancient hardware used to run it and the sound effects are as equally solid. There are a couple issues to MLB 08 though as I thought the batting/pitching could be a little too difficult while the games musical soundtrack is also a bit lacking. But regardless of some of the shortcomings this year’s package is well worth it. It may be a rental for the casual gamer but if you are a baseball fan, and haven’t made the jump to the next generation of hardware, you really can’t go wrong purchasing MLB 08: The Show for the PS2.
Digital Chumps (Mar 24, 2008)
The game modes are all the same as any other game with a franchise mode, season mode and home run derby just to name a few. However, the Road to the Show mode has been updated and is outstanding. You begin with creating your player and placing him on a MLB team. Then you move on to the Minor Leagues trying to build up your stats to make the big league. You are a pawn in each game as everything is simulated up until it is your turn to do something. So lets say you are a shortstop and you only get four ground balls in a game, that’s all you do in the game. It is fast paced and gives the gamer different views of the field. A very unique mode that sets it apart from other sporting games.
IGN (Mar 03, 2008)
For the third year in a row, SCEA has delivered an excellent baseball game in the form of their Show franchise. While the PS2 version doesn't innovate nearly as much as it did last year, it maintains its quality with some minor adjustments and enough creative touches to keep PS2 owners engaged. Baseball fans that haven't moved to the portable arena or to the PS3 will definitely want to check this game out.
GameSpy (Mar 13, 2008)
Sony deserves big props for the PS2 version of MLB '08: The Show. Instead of just sitting pat and re-releasing last year's game with new rosters, it pushed things forward significantly. The improved pitcher interface adds depth and the graphics upgrades add some eye candy. The game didn't get some of the choicer nuggets from the PS3 or PSP games -- the ability to stop and save the action mid-game, for example -- but in these days where PS2 owners are feeling less and less of the love from developers and publishers, The Show will put a smile on the face of anyone who still has yet to upgrade to PS3.
Operation Sports (Mar 25, 2008)
There’s plenty more I could get into, but what it really comes down to is the whole PS2 vs. PS3 thing. So the question that needs to be asked is, what’s more important to you? If you can live without the Replay Vault, HD graphics, less impressive presentation, and slightly less reliable online play then you don’t need to upgrade to the PS3 version this year -- assuming you have the financial capabilities to do so in the first place. The PS3 version of The Show is certainly the superior version of the game, but the PS2 version isn’t some two-bit knockoff. And frankly if this is finally the PS2’s “swan song” then it’s a good note to go out on if you’re a sports game fan.