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PSX Extreme (Aug 02, 2004)
Will you like MLB SlugFest: Loaded? If you're the kind of person that wants a baseball videogame with trick pitches, turbo boosts, and sucker punches, then I have little doubt that you'll appreciate Midway's take on America's national pastime. For those of you that own last year's game, the new features (online play, franchise mode, trick pitches) should give you plenty of reason to upgrade to this latest installment.
GameSpy (Jul 07, 2004)
MLB Slugfest: Loaded surprised me by offering a lot more than just a gimmicky variation on the sport. It has plenty of meat to go along with the sweetness, and is part of your well-balanced gaming diet. In fact, Slugfest could turn non-fans back onto baseball. Put that in your bat and swing it.
IGN (Jun 18, 2004)
MLB SlugFest: Loaded is a game for anyone that enjoys the game of Baseball and wants to satisfy that need for aggression at the same time. Once you get the timing down, you will enjoy the fast-paced, high scoring gameplay. The game is not so hard that you will get overly frustrated. Conversely, it¿s not so easy that you¿ll have the computer AI figured out in a matter of hours. You want my opinion? Hit the mute button, put on a good CD, and play this game to death. Bond¿s single season homerun record will be short lived once you take the stick.
PSM (Jul, 2004)
Still, if you're looking for more action in your baseball game without giving up the feel and challenge of realistic gameplay, this might be the title for you. We recommend you try it with huge bowl of homemade Gumyuns.
GameSpot (Jun 22, 2004)
Overall, the biggest new addition to SlugFest is online play. Being able to take the game online ensures that you'll have plenty of players to compete against. The franchise mode is a nice addition, though some players will definitely get a lot more use out of it than others, so it seems a little superfluous in a game that, really, is about throwing wild-looking pitches and using the turbo button to knock the ball from a fielder's hand. It cleans up well if you want to turn off the crazy aspects in favor of a more sim-oriented game, but it doesn't really surpass the gameplay found in most of this year's actual baseball sims. However, if you're looking for a superfun, easy-to-understand baseball game this year, SlugFest: Loaded is definitely your best bet.
Worth Playing (Jul 15, 2004)
MLB MLB Slugfest: Loaded is not the best technical baseball game around; it’s far, far, far from it, in fact. This is an arcade blast based on timing and violence, and it’s a ton of fun if you don’t approach sports games as simulations of the real thing. This is a videogame in every sense of the phrase. At no point does it even try to be realistic (with the exception of the MLB Classic mode, which isn’t really as realistic as it is dumbed down). If you want to have some great multiplayer fun with a few friends, this is your game.
This is the video game equivalent of getting beaned in the family jewels by a blazing Nolan Ryan baseball. Of course, your voice won't jump a few octaves, and you won't walk cross-legged after playing it, but it does have the uncanny ability to make you squirm uncomfortably and scream obscene amounts of profanity. Since you won't have the option to charge the mound and retaliate the development team, it's in your best interest to avoid this game like you would a night out on the town with Darryl Strawberry.