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Netjak (May 08, 2003)
In the course of it's five levels, which are each separated into three sub-levels, MLF 2 provides the player with an excellent gameplay experience that tests their reflexes quite well. Although it cannot be compared to more hardcore shooters like Zero Gunner 2 or Mars Matrix, it's still a pretty good shooter. Get it while it lasts - in other words, get it now, as the game is in low supply and has probably been discontinued by the time you read this.
GameSpy (May 10, 2003)
XS would probably say that it's unfair to judge MLF2 by comparison to the Japanese version, since the majority of American gamers will never know what they're missing -- but shmup fans and budget-minded gamers deserve quality localizations too, and XS's changes are remarkably damaging. I'm sure that XS didn't make these changes out of malice, so I have to believe that the producer was simply misguided, lazy and/or ignorant.
GameSpot (May 02, 2003)
In the end, Mobile Light Force 2 is a decent game. Better graphics and sound would have really helped the game to feel a lot more modern and be enjoyable to a wider audience. Scrolling-shooter fans should definitely give this game a look, especially those with only a PlayStation 2, since these games have been very few and far between on this system. The game's low price point may be all the justification you need, because this game can deliver a good deal of entertainment for a mere $15 or less.
60 (GAF) (May 06, 2003)
Mobile Light Force 2 is a tough one to classify. With the shooter genre declining, it’s exciting every time a company drops something new. The thing is, XS is bringing this one over as titles like Gekioh: Shooting King and Mobile Light Force (initially Gunbird; no relation) are also hitting retailers. Chances are, shmup addicts have already fooled around with MLF2 to some degree. It’s hard recommending it to everyone else while cheaper, better games are also available. Even the visuals on display in Mobile Light Force 2 would look more at home on the PlayStation, with low-resolution textures and simple architecture ruling the day. If you’re short on dough and looking for something quirky, Alfa System’s shooter is a good bet. Otherwise, obscurity awaits.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 08, 2008)
MLF2 is a relatively short game, but it saves your high scores for each character, giving the replay value some legs. A two-player simultaneous mode is included, along with a gallery of artwork. Mobile Light Force 2 is a quirky title that provides plenty of "twitch" shooting fun. It makes no sense at all, and why should it? I just wish there were more shooters like this for the PS2.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 10, 2005)
Even Shikigami fans in particular will be displeased, because MLF2 isn't the flawless port that it easily could have been, featuring horrible dubs: Like school in summertime – no class (An enemy really pulls that unfunny Fat Albert insult out of his ass, I kid you not.) Viewed in the most auspicious of lights through the rosiest lenses, MLF2 is just more of the same, and that's not enough to give your hand cause to make that trip to your pocket.
35 (Dec 09, 2004)
Je croyais tenir ici un jeu XS bien au-dessus du lot mais j'ai vite déchanté. Le jeu se boucle en un rien de temps et le design général n'est pas mis en valeur durant les phases de jeu. Rajoutez à ceci un manque d'originalité pour ce qui est du gameplay et vous obtiendrez une oeuvre qu'il faudra tranquillement laisser passer en optant plutôt pour le somptueux Gradius V qui se trouve sur le même rayonnage, juste à côté, là, regardez à droite, voilà.