MotoGP 3 Credits


Localization Project SupervisorYasuhiro Noguchi
Localization ProducerNoriko Wada
LocalizationNao Higo, Hiroshi Tanaka, June Honma, Taiki Homma
Quality Assurance ManagerBrian Schorr
Quality Assurance SupervisorDaryle Tumacder
Lead AnalystMichael Peterson
Assistant Lead AnalystChristopher Stanley, Matthew Peterson
CQC TeamChester B. Vergara, Gene Bang
TestersMark W. Brown, Michael Desenganio, Anthony Duarte, Robert R. Ely, Robert Hamiter, Dan Hernandez, Levi Hill, Greg Kawamura, David Macias, Michaelangelo Mesina, Phillip Musil, Scott Pendleton, Geoffrey Smith II, Bethany Wolfson
Director of MarketingStacey Hirata
Product Marketing ManagerJim Atkiss
Public RelationsHugo Reyes
Special ThanksNobuhiro Kasahara, Robert Ennis, Yoshinori Homma, Garry Cole, Berry Kane
Package & Manual DesignPrice Design Team

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (424932)