MotoGP Credits (PlayStation 2)

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MotoGP Credits


Published byNamco Hometek Inc.
Designed and Developed byNamco Ltd.
Localization ProducerAkihito Kozu
Associate ProducersNoriko Wada, Paul Guirao
Director of MarketingMike Fischer
Senior Marketing ManagerStacey Hirata
Product Marketing ManagerJim Atkiss
PR ManagerHugo Reyes
Special ThanksYoshinori Homma, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Norna Cash, Garry Cole, Berry Kane, Alex McLaren, Sean O'Connor, Ben Rubright
QA ManagerGlen A. Cureton
Lead AnalystsEdward Chennault, Jesse Mejia
QA AnalystsRaymond Chung, Karl Chen, Gilbert Magobet, Michael Peterson, Daryle Tumacder, Ryan Chennault, Adrian Escultura, Rey Jimenez, Keith Bock

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Credits for this game were contributed by Raymond Chung (212)