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Gamers will have a hard time finding fault with Motor Mayhem, though they will be left yearning for more content and story, since it is devoted to deathmatching and not much else. With devotion, though, comes focus and clarity, and it would be hard to argue with the quality of gameplay and visuals put together by this team. With a wide variety of weapons, unique characters that have their own special moves and destructible environments, the action is non-stop — which might explain the overly forgiving physics that often work as much to your detriment as your benefit. That complaint aside, Motor Mayhem manages to borrow heavily from the standard controls and gameplay of the vehicular combat genre, but still maintains enough of an edge of its own to stand apart as a unique and entertaining experience.
PSM (Aug, 2001)
What makes or breaks vehicular combat is control, weapons, good particle effects, special moves and power ups. Motor Mayhem delivers on all counts. The control is solid, although the turning radius and traction are a little loose.
Consoles Plus (Nov, 2001)
Certes, ce n'est pas vilain, c'est plutôt jouable, mais le principe, vu et revu, n'a rien d'enthousiasmant.
GameZone (Jul 17, 2001)
Picture this. In the near future, while drilling for oil, mankind accidentally discovers an underground civilization that has evolved parallel to us, but beneath the crust of the earth. War ensues (of course), and in the face of overwhelming odds, mankind uses genetic research to engineer super soldiers, and eventually win the war. Now, a century later, these super soldiers and their descendants are shunned and rejected by society, and forced to live their lives in the military research labs that created them. In an effort to stay in tip-top shape, and perhaps to win a chance at escape or revenge, these super people begin vehicular warfare tournaments and Motor Mayhem is born. This is where you come in. The Vehicular Combat League is an attempt to create a WWF style tournament, and you must win each round to eventually be crowned the Motor Mayhem champion.
Gamezilla (Jul 13, 2001)
Motor Mayhem has some qualities that may appeal to those of us who can't resist a challenge against near-impossible odds. On the other hand, those same people may feel that the comical characters and poor sound effects detract from the intent of the game. There really isn't any substance keeping this game together as a possible hot release. I would suggest that you pass this game by and wait until another hot release makes it to the shelves.
GameSpot (Jun 14, 2001)
Infogrames and Beyond Games are gambling with the release of Motor Mayhem this month--head-on with the other major PS2 car-combat game, Twisted Metal: Black. While this might initially be considered suicidal, Motor Mayhem is different enough that it will appeal to those gamers who have an interest in the car-combat genre or aren't excited about the new turn for the morbid that Twisted Metal has taken.
Motor Mayhem may not be the primetime draw when it comes out days after TM:B – which makes it the XFL of car combat. It'll find some fans with its flash, but comparisons to the main attraction may not work in its favor.
Gaming Target (Jul 16, 2001)
The future. The time of flying cars, space travel, and violent death sports populating every channel of your new satellite dish. And the most popular of these sports, just edging out Smash TV and The Running Man, is the Vehicle Combat League - car combat by the way of Quake and Mortal Kombat. But you have to wonder what this says about our hope for the future when all these games and movies depicting future sports always involve death and destruction?
IGN (Jun 26, 2001)
If timing really is everything, then Infogrames made a horrible mistake when it released Motor Mayhem in the days following the release of Twisted Metal: Black, the current and undisputed king of the car combat genre. You see, if Motor Mayhem were released a few months earlier it could've been a great title to keep you busy until the release of Twisted Metal and if it were released later this year, it could've had value as a car combat game to pick up for those that have tired of Sony's blockbuster.
It’s not that Motor Mayhem is bad, it’s that Twisted Metal: Black is so good. There are a lot of positive things about this game that I enjoyed while playing it, like the graphics and some insane weapons, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I would rather be playing Black. If you must have two car combat games, this game will entertain.
Gamezone (Germany) (Nov 15, 2001)
Die Grafik ist zwar mit Explosionen vollgepackt, ist aber nicht sonderlich sehenswert... sogar Ruckler treten manchmal auf. Spielerisch ist es zwar nicht so ganz einfach hier etwas neues zu präsentieren... aber dennoch, objektiv betrachtet begeistert dieser Shooter nicht sonderlich lange. Fazit: Wer absoluter Fan dieses Genre ist, sollte sich diesen Titel mal länger ansehen!
Game Revolution (Jul, 2001)
In a world where original ideas are more sought after than the Holy Grail, it's no surprise to see game developers constantly pumping out expensive, technological ubiquity. In many cases, it's even desired. A company produces a good game and we want to see others take a hint and follow suit. Sounds reasonable.
PSX Extreme (Jul 10, 2001)
This is by far the worst PS2 game available, and it saddens me to see it from a reliable 3rd party such as Infogrames. Those who are even thinking of renting the game should seriously reconsider, this is easily one game I'll never play again, not if my library of games depended on it. The visuals are aweful, the gameplay is tedious, the sound is nearly non-existent and worst of all the control get one seriously ill. I suggest that everybody looks away from this game, as it could not only hurt somebody literally, but it could scar them for life as a horrible videogaming experiance. Twisted Metal: Black all the way.
GamePro (US) (Jun 25, 2001)
If Infogrames is lucky, history won't remember Motor Mayhem as a horrible PS2 car-combat game. No, it's more likely that history won't remember the abysmal Motor Mayhem at all. Yes, the colors are very bright and the programmers have clearly had way too much fun with transparency and reflective textures, but the flaccid sounds are joined by dreadful physics - it's like driving a balloon.