MX 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Character Select
Arena Race 1
Arena Race 2
Arena Race 3
Construction Site 1
Construction Site 2
Construction Site 3
Construction Site 4
Dirt Track 1
Dirt Track 2
Eating Dirt
Freestylin' 1
Freestylin' 2
I seem to be lost...
The game starts with the usual company logos. These are followed by a video montage of Ricky Carmichael which uses lots of live action clips and fancy effects
The Challenges section. The top row holds the 'Ricky Races' challenges and the bottom holds the 'Champion Motocross Racer' challenges
An example of a 'Ricky Racer' challenge
The controller settings.
Starting a new career is a bit like catalogue shopping. The player picks their outfit, helmet, goggles, riding suit, and boots from a series of branded items, then they choose a name and number
Starting a career. This is the player's calendar. The watch indicates a practice session, the flags are a race, and the helmet is a tutorial
The first race in this player's career is around the construction site course. To have a career the player must finish third or better over a three match season
Career mode. This is one of the tutorial screens that explains how to leap higher
The Rock Quarry course is raced at night. This is from the pre-race practice lap