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"Nintendo Winter 2002" promotional booklet - GameCube:
    NASCAR Dirt to DAYTONA is a white-knuckle thrill ride that races through four different intense NASCAR series. Slide around dirt tracks on the edge of your seat, pull a few G's in a Modified, trade paint with other trucks or discover just how far 750 horses and a steering wheel can take you in the NASCAR Cup. Choose your favorite series, or take them all on in a Career Mode! Strap on your helmet, buckle your harness and be prepared to compete in the only NASCAR game with this many mind-blowing racing experiences.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Feb 26, 2006. – Nintendo GameCube:
    Realistic physics and an incredibly deep Career mode propel Infogrames's NASCAR debut on the Nintendo GameCube.

    Four Series

    Starting on obscure dirt tracks with microscopic budgets, players will have to rely on guts and pure driving skill as they best the hungry competition in the NASCAR Weekly Racing series. After you begin winning, you'll attract prospective sponsors. Their cash will help you upgrade your ride, but they'll expect checkered-flag results and will want to plaster your car with their logos.

    Vanquish the Weekly Racing competition to qualify for the Featherlite Modified division. With a bit more money and a smoother ride, the next goal is the Craftsman Truck series. Finally, you'll be able to take on NASCAR's most prestigious riders in hopes of nabbing the Winston Cup Championship.


    NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona has more than 100 different parts. There's more to racing than hardware, though, so once you qualify for the Truck series you'll need to carefully select your crew. As any NASCAR fan knows, tuning your ride is half the challenge and so even on the humble Weekly Racing tracks you can always adjust your weight, shocks, springs, tires, camber, gears, sway bars and more.

    There are seven dirt, eight Modified, 13 Truck and 20 different Cup tracks. The Modified, Truck and Cup circuits share many tracks, but you still have an impressive total of 31. All the big-name drivers are here, too, including Jeff Gordon.

    By building up points -- something you can do without venturing into Career mode -- you can unlock a fistful of wacky codes, including Monster Cars, Horn Mortar and something called Oh Dear. Oh, dear.

    The impressive physics model capably handles four very different classes of vehicles and surfaces ranging from freshly plowed dirt to smooth asphalt. You'll get entirely different feelings slogging around a tiny dirt track and flooring it before 100,000 adoring fans at Daytona.

    Easing into the Driver's Seat

    Infogrames reduces the frustration factor for new players with optional driving aids like automatic transmissions and AI-assisted braking and stability. For more precision, you can choose analog braking and throttle. If you find yourself overcompensating on curves, try reducing steering sensitivity.

    NBC and TNT announcer Allen Bestwick introduces the game and various modes. In Pro Trainer mode, you'll listen to the videotaped advice of seven famous drivers. Sterling Martin, Rusty Wallace and others will offer highly detailed tips on running specific tracks, then race you in a ghost car.

    The graphics are more than adequate for a fast-paced game like this, but NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona betrays its pokey PS2 roots with pop-in, spotty anti-aliasing and a pallid palette. For a sharper and clearer image, select the Progressive Scan option when playing on a TV set that supports that feature.

    In multiplayer mode, as many as four pals can trade paint on any of the tracks.

    Finish Line

    The Career mode alone merits NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona a serious look-see by motor-sports fans. Carefully calibrated physics make each of the four types of vehicles a unique challenge. The graphics could be better, but the videotaped tips from famous drivers are a nice bonus.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Aug 08, 2005.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:


    Compete in your choice of 4 different NASCAR racing series. Prospective drivers should be highly competitive and interested in building a winning team. Opportunities include Single Races, Season Championships, thrilling race day scenarios, and training from real NASCAR drivers.

  • Career mode including all 4 NASCAR series
  • 31 total tracks including exciting dirt tracks!
  • Realistic car damage from scratches and scrapes to dents and multi-car destruction
  • Over 100 different parts available to upgrade cars
  • NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Presented by Dodge
  • NASCAR Featherlite Modified series
  • NASCAR Craftsman Truck series
  • NASCAR Cup series

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69396) on Jun 20, 2003.