NBA 2K3 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

After the company logos and a licensing information screen the game displays the teams represented in the game
Before the game loads it plays a video montage of basketball clips
The title screen
The main menu
This is what the Sega Sports Challenge is all about
The Roster manager is where players and teams are created and strategies are set
Roster Manager: There are statistics for every player and a small picture too
Roster manager: Team Rotations
This is where players are selected for a team
Roster Manager: Create Player
There's a host of features that can be configured from position of ears, colour of left & right armbands etc but some should be used with care
Roster Manager: Create Team
This is the first setup screen, the next screens select players from the player pool
Roster Manager: Create Team
Selecting players from the player pool. Once a player is selected there's no marker to indicate it
Game Modes
These are Street, Franchise, Season, Playoffs, Practice and Tournament. All apart from Practice have multiple configuration options
Game Modes: Practice
This is the team selection screen
Game Modes: Practice
In a full game the auditorium is packed
The in-game coaching settings
This screen allows the player to assign specific moves to a controller button
Game Modes: Full Season
This is the team selection screen. The lower half of the screen is a slideshow with some pictures moving left/right and others moving right/left
Playing a full season
This shows the games played on the first day plus the menu navigation controls
Playing a full season, this is the load screen that precedes a game
Playing a full season: This is the first game and it starts with a view of the arena while the commentators talk about the game and the players
Before the match the players are individually introduced to the crowd
The game begins
A throw in
The background characters are well done, there's even a dancing team mascot somewhere
Taking a penalty shot
This shot comes from a slow motion action replay
Believe it or not this is the guy's happy face - he's just scored
McGrady has just made an interception. When this happens the game slows and the camera swings around behind the player
Specific players can be identified and selected by controller buttons
The Options menu the following options NBA Rules, Game Play, Game Play Sliders, Presentation, Camera and Controller Setup. These are the Gameplay Sliders. Lots to tinker with