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GameSpy (Oct 03, 2007)
It may be late in the life of the PS2 for the NBA Live series to be making a comeback, but for the DualShock 2 crowd it's better late than never. NBA Live 08 isn't a whole lot different from last year's offering, but the subtle changes that were implemented -- the addition of Hot Spots and the bouncing of Freestyle Superstar and X-Factor -- make things on the court a lot more fun. Like this year's Celtics, EA's PS2 hoops release looks to be back where it belongs.
Gamestyle (Dec 07, 2007)
If you own any other NBA game then this will just be an update, but if you don’t then this is a solid piece of work. The sorry truth is that it probably won’t get played as much as it warrants. This is somewhat a shame. Fast, fun and big in Greece, NBA Live 08 rolls around the rim and falls into the ‘recommended’ basket.
If NBA Live 08 isn't a clear sign that the series is seeing its last days on the PS2, I don't know what else is. It would have been great if the series could have gone out at the top of its game, but it really just feels like an old timer who tried for one last time and failed. If you are a basketball fan with a PS2, you should probably look elsewhere for your NBA action or consider upgrading your system.
65 (Oct 04, 2007)
Es geht aufwärts, es macht wieder für ein Match zwischendurch Laune, aber das reicht nicht! Dieser Basketball kann trotz der Fortschritte gegenüber der Katastrophe des Vorjahres nicht begeistern. Es gibt wie immer einige Highlights in der Präsentation, das Publikum geht lautstark mit, der Umfang stimmt mit Online-, WM- sowie Dynasty-Modus und manche Dunks sehen klasse aus. Aber unterm Strich wird spielerisch gerade mal ein befriedigendes Niveau erreicht. Und man weiß nie genau, ob man jetzt eine Simulation oder Spaßbasketball spielt - irgendwie ist NBA Live 07 weder Fisch noch Fleisch. Es fehlt einfach der Flow, das Krachen, die Faszination. Es fehlt das Gefühl, die Spieler wirklich präzise steuern und den Ball mit Timing und Auge wirklich optimal werfen zu können - hier reicht ein Knopfdruck! Immerhin stehen die neuen Dribblings, das taktische Aufposten und einige coole Superstar-Bewegungen auf der Habenseite.
GameSpot (Oct 11, 2007)
NBA Live 08 is a competent, fun basketball game on both the PS2 and the PSP. The problem is that other than updated rosters, they're almost the exact same competent games from last year, which were almost exactly the same as the competent versions from the year before.
65 (Oct 29, 2007)
Au point en ce qui concerne la bande-son ou la pléthore de modes de jeu, NBA Live fait un surplace technique et de gameplay qui déçoit énormément, même s'il reste au niveau de la machine. On ne voit pas grand intérêt à investir dans cette mise à jour 08 si l'on possède déjà la version précédente, d'autant qu'il manque encore et toujours un multijoueur en ligne.
60 (Nov 21, 2007)
Concluyendo el análisis, tenemos que lamentar que EA no decidiera cancelar la serie en PlayStation 2, ya que incluso la versión de PlayStation Portable ofrece un acabado gráfico más atractivo, gracias a la pantalla del sistema, e incluso mayores opciones con minijuegos exclusivos. Un más de lo mismo que deshace elementos característicos de anteriores versiones, y que lo único que hace es dejar una imagen final de la serie en PlayStation 2 bastante negativa. Sin duda, y más que nunca, el baloncesto deberá ser jugado en la nueva generación.
Console Obsession (May 31, 2010)
This is a straightforward game to pick up, but mastering the defensive plays and the advanced controls is the key to winning games and seasons. While extras like the 3-point showdown are nice, the main game requires a good knowledge of the sport to make the most of it. Ultimately it does feel like a soul-less update to the franchise, a sin that EA has been guilty of in the past.
Video Game Talk (Nov 07, 2007)
In the end, NBA Live 08 is strong for a basketball game. However, this PS2 version is not as exciting as its high definition counterpart on the PS3. This is mostly because it just looks bad (in comparison). If given the option, go for the high definition version and enjoy seeing more crisp and clean visuals. Still, if that is not an option, then the PS2 version should suffice if you are gunning for a good basketball video game. Plus, the PS2 version has a few more modes and mini-games that you might like, although they shouldn't be huge selling factors.
IGN (Oct 04, 2007)
When the dust settles on NBA Live 08 it will be remembered as a disappointing end – supposing that this is the last in the Playstation 2’s life cycle – to a great series. It’s just too bad that things couldn’t have ended on a higher note, as the developer’s attention has clearly been on next-gen consoles in the past few seasons. Those who are desperate to do some balling on their aging console have nowhere else to look so here’s some advice, go over and play your friend’s PS3 edition of NBA 2K8.