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NBA Live 2003 (PlayStation 2)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

NBA Live 2003 Credits


Lead Software EngineerAllan Johanson, Robert White, Amory Wong, Penny Lee
Software EngineerDavid Bollo, Troy Brooks, Brian Chan, Chris Duke, David Ferguson, Jeff Hanson, Blaine Hodge, Auday Hussein, Mohammed Hussein, Vince Jewlal, Brian Krause, Georgina Kwei, Claude Martins, Kaz Okuda, Randy Parmar, Ian Roy, Jeff Skelton, Joel Skrepnek, Jeremy Walker
Co‑op Software EngineerJoshua Bertrand, Brent Whitman
Technical DirectorChris Welman


Art DirectorJim Perkins
Computer Graphic ArtistGregory R. Allen, Anthony Cranfield-Rose, Kay Darby, Trevor Felbel, Eli Masi, Mark Ricard, Ryan Santos, Darren Sleno, Sandra Tournemille
Co-op Computer Graphic ArtistKevin Rawlinson


Lead Computer Graphic ArtistElton Chan
Computer Graphic ArtistGabriella Mejia, Brett Pascal, Todd Pollich, Mark Tanner, Dale Yoon


Lead Sound ArtistBart W. Gurr
Sound ArtistRon Coté, Jeff Mair, Tilde Cameron, Antoine Peltier, Lori Wilson, Aleksandar Zecevic, Markus Westerholz
Speech EditorJay Raymond
Speech Recording EngineerEric LeBlanc

Voice-Over Talent

Tutorial AnnouncerMarv Albert
Play By PlayDon Poier
ColorRobert Elliott
AnnouncerAl Murdoch


QA Localization Project ManagerCarole Enahoro
Localization CoordinatorPatrick Coleman
QA Team LeadSteve Kuchka, Susan Lazenby

Quality Assurance

QA Project ManagerDavid Ham

Frontend Video

Audio Services ManagerEdwin Dolinski


Executive ProducerRory Armes

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