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1UP (Jul 17, 2007)
For hardcore college-football gamers without a 360, this is a no-brainer. NCAA Football has long been one of the better playing PS2 sports franchises -- this year, it's reached its peak.
Worth Playing (Sep 02, 2007)
Overall, NCAA Football '08 isn't much of a departure from last year's offering, but it's still fun. There are some new features to play around with, but don't go into it expecting a new game. EA has been doing this long enough to know how to make a good football game, and this is no exception. If you're new to the series or if you haven't played in a few years, go ahead and pick it up to give it a play-through — it's well worth it. If you have last year's, though, I wouldn't bother because there's really not enough new material here to justify another purchase.
IGN (Jul 17, 2007)
Don't think that NCAA Football 08 isn't an enjoyable football game, because it is. It still maintains the quality that last year's title brought to the table, and it's an enjoyable game of football that will keep you entertained for a number of hours. However, by comparison to last year's title, NCAA Football 08 is a mild step backwards, with only a few visual adjustments, changes to modes and elements that only add minor elements to an already solid football title.
Gamer 2.0 (2007)
Why you should buy it: The best college football game out there; Campus Legend and Super Sim add hours of replay; Why you should rent it: Not much has changed since last year; presentation looks average; Lee Corso is VERY annoying.
GameSpot (Jul 23, 2007)
Thanks to the fact that it doesn't do much new, NCAA Football 08 is one of those rare great games that's difficult to recommend. There's simply not enough new here to justify the $40 price tag on the Xbox and $50 (!) on the PlayStation 2. It's hard to imagine there are many Xbox and PS2 owners who have never played the series and are now suddenly curious about college football--but if you do fall into this category, NCAA 08 is a great game that's worth a look.
75 (Aug 16, 2007)
If you’ve ever played a game from this series you know what to expect. The game play is fun and addictive. It’ll definitely scratch that football itch. 08 offers plenty to keep you busy with all the various modes as well as in game controls. However, don’t expect anything new. The game is just a polished version of last year’s incarnation. More fun, but ultimately more of the same. Still, it’s the best football game not named Madden for your buck.
I’ll be honest and say that there really are enough improvements to this version of the game to go out and buy a copy. The fact that I have some sort of power over how my players’ progress is a huge plus. If you just play random games here and there, then your older copies should do just fine, but if you enjoy the dynasty mode and enjoy growing your team from a powderpuff to a powerhouse, then NCAA Football 2008 has enough improvements to make it worthwhile. I’ll give the improvements 7 out of 10.