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GamersMark (Jul 17, 2003)
NCAA Football 2004 is not only the best college football title around this year, but to the best of my knowledge it’s also the only one around this year. It’s amazing that EA delivered such an awesome title with absolutely no competition around. The game is out on all consoles but if you have a PS2, this version is the only way to go. The GCN version suffers from blurry graphics and a lot of slowdown problems, as well as bad control. The XBox version is basically just a prettier PS2 version, but no online play. Any way you wanna play it, just play it, but don’t miss out on what just might be the best football game ever made.
Next Level Gaming (Jul 16, 2003)
There is only thing I can really say about NCAA 2004, go out and get it NOW! This is by far the best football game ever made. There are still some minor things that could be improved, but those can be overlooked for now with strides this game has made from last year. If you are a sportsfan, you owe it to yourself to get this game. Don’t forget about that little feature called Online Play either. So what are you waiting for? Go get the game.
GameZone (Jul 26, 2003)
NCAA Football 2004 is rated E for Everyone. It requires up to 3.2 MB on your memory card and can play up to 1-8 players (via multitap). To play online you must have the Network card and broadband or dialup. It also is compatible with AOL Dial-Up.
Lawrence (Jul 17, 2003)
You can play one of the 20 classic games of the past two decades. Your bio can be recognized by other EA games to unlock more goodies like stadiums and mascots. You can take a training class to learn how to run the option. You can create a team and take them into the Dynasty mode. There are tons of things added to NCAA Football 2004 that warrant the game being called much more than an upgrade. It truly feels like a new game.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 27, 2003)
Occasionally one player runs through another, and there's no half time show, but otherwise it's hard to find fault with this game. You'll love all the new animations including some nifty drag-down tackles. Sports Illustrated magazine covers can be viewed during the season mode, and useful information is displayed on the loading screens. Even if you already have Madden, college fans should not overlook this outstanding title. I personally prefer this to Madden.
IGN (Jul 16, 2003)
NCAA Football 2004 is a game so good, it has no competition. That's right, Sega backed off of this year's college football race, so if you're a fan of amateur athletics, this is the only game available this season. Not that that's a bad thing. In fact, even if there was a choice, there really wouldn't be a choice, NCAA Football 2004 is just that damn fun. From creating schools to recruiting players to fighting for your shot at number one, every aspect from the gameplay to the gridiron has been improved over its predecessor and once again takes the series to that next level.
GamerDad (Aug 04, 2003)
GamerDad believes sports games are among the best to play with kids. Competition and complexity intertwine beautifully in video-Football and EA Sports does everything possible to teach the game to new players. Parent and child can even play co-op versus friends or the AI, and bond throughout a long season of play.
GameSpy (Jul 26, 2003)
If you own multiple systems, any of the three versions will give you the same gameplay. Only the PlayStation 2 version will let you get online. If you don't care about online play then snag the Xbox version as it's a bit prettier, but then you'll have to be content playing by yourself or with real, live friends in person. Which isn't half bad, mind you.
PSX Extreme (Sep 10, 2003)
Overall, NCAA College Football 2004 is a very good game, but one that's not for everyone. It's not different enough from Madden to warrant a purchase if you're just a casual college fan, and the fact that it seems to be a hybrid of Madden 2002 and 2003 makes it feel like a dated product. Where's the playmaker control? Where are the split screen replays that speed up gameplay? They'll probably be there next year, but they should have been there this year. It's worth a look if you love college football or you really, really hate John Madden's voice.
GameSpot (Jul 16, 2003)
As with most sports games, the decision to buy NCAA Football 2004 comes down to whether or not you think some of the new features and upgrades are worth paying full price for. If you're a casual college football fan and you already own last year's game, then there really isn't a huge reason for you to buy the Xbox or GameCube versions of the game, especially since neither features online play. The PS2 version, on the other hand, is very enticing. If you're a hard-core fan, then you will certainly enjoy all of the new features--whether they're huge or small--that EA Sports has added to make an enjoyable game even better.
In the meantime, no one who buys NCAA Football 2004 from EA is going to feel they’re getting an inferior product due to the lack of competition; Sega version or no, EA Sports would likely still be “the best college football title of the year.”